Arizona Lawmakers Call On Oregon Governor To Investigate Finicum Murder

Arizona Lawmakers Call On Oregon Governor To Investigate Finicum Murder -- This week, Arizona State Representative Bob Thorpe spearheaded an effort in which Oregon Governor Kate Brown and U.S. Representative Greg Walden were called on to “ensure a full, complete and transparent investigation into the shooting

This week, Arizona State Representative Bob Thorpe spearheaded an effort in which Oregon Governor Kate Brown and U.S. Representative Greg Walden were called on to “ensure a full, complete and transparent investigation into the shooting death of Arizona rancher LaVoy Finicum. Thorpe’s letter to Brown and Walden was co-signed by 12 fellow legislators.

As noted in Thorpe’s letter, both Governor Brown and Rep. Walden “have expressed concerns about the actions of officials concerning the traffic stop and shooting death of our unarmed Arizona rancher, Mr. LaVoy Finicum.”

The letter asks for an investigation into “how United States citizens, who merely exercise their Constitutional 1st Amendment rights of free speech and to peaceably assemble, are treated now and in the future.”

Finicum was shot in the back 3 times and killed during a January 26 traffic stop while authorities were trying to arrest the rancher and others involved in the occupation of an Oregon wildlife refuge.

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Finicum’s wife, Jeanette, questioned the government’s handling of the case and findings of an investigation into the shooting. She questioned the “selective evidence.” She also rejected the claim by the FBI that said Finicum “was shot after reaching for a gun…” “The FBI’s aerial video was of poor quality, edited and provided no audio,” stated the widow. “Our family asserts that he was shot with both hands up, he was not reaching for anything at the time of the first shot. He was walking with his hands in the air, a symbol of surrender. When he reached down to his left hip he was reacting to the pain of having been shot.”

The letter reads:

Dear Governor Brown and Representative Greg Walden:

Recently, it was reported in the media that both of you have expressed concerns about the actions of officials concerning the traffic stop and shooting death of our unarmed Arizona rancher, Mr. LaVoy Finicum.

Governor Brown, you released a statement in which you called into question the actions of federal agents, and described the report as “troubling, and properly the subject of an ongoing investigation.” Representative Walden, you stated that you were left “bewildered by the role of the FBI agents.”

As representatives of the citizens and State of Arizona, we share your concerns and urge you to ensure a full, complete and transparent investigation into how United States citizens, who merely exercise their Constitutional 1st Amendment rights of free speech and to peaceably assemble, are treated now and in the future.

After gunning-down and killing the unarmed Finicum, the federal government now has the audacity to label Finicum, and the citizens who peacefully assembled along with him, as domestic terrorists. In a recent radio interview in Tucson, Arizona, Finicum’s daughter Tierra described her father as follows:

“The kind of narrative that is going through our country is that he [Finicum] was domestic terrorist, gun slinging and violent man. That is not my dad.. He is a principled man. He is a gentle and diligent person. I often think of Steven R. Covey; not because they were both bald but because they lived by true principles. ‘Early to bed, early to rise.’ He studied great works of literature. He studied the scriptures, words of God and he wanted to be on the right side of God at all times. He was my dad. I’m sure lots of girls would say that their dad was the best man they know, but that is my dad, and I want to be just like him.”

Many Arizonans knew, morn and miss LaVoy Finicum, and I am confident that he was not under any circumstances a terrorist. According to the people who knew him, Finicum was incapable of spreading fear and harming America, which is the very definition of a domestic terrorist. In fact, by all accounts Finicum was someone who only intended to spread an understanding of the needs of the people living within the west, and to point out how the western states, that have hundreds of millions of acres of untaxed federally-controlled land within their boundaries, have not been treated equally in comparison to eastern states.

Our nation was founded by men who not only questioned the arbitrary and capricious actions of unreasonable authority, but who also stood up against that authority, and in so doing, forged a Constitutional Republic. Finicum’s actions are insignificant in comparison to those of Adams, Madison, Jefferson and Washington. If our nation’s founders lived today, would they be vilified and labeled as domestic terrorists, merely for political reasons?

The people of the State of Arizona cannot allow the demonization of patriotic Americans, from all walks of life, simply because they question authority. We call upon the State of Oregon and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to uphold their legal responsibility to fully and transparently investigate this tragedy, and to vindicate those who have been wrongly accused.

Arizona State Representative Bob Thorpe

Cc: Director of the FBI


  1. Where does anyone get the idea that the dyke in the Governor’s Office is going to call for an investigation? Don’t you realize that SHE called the shots that killed Lavoy?

  2. From Oregon – Investigate Joe Arpaio. Keep your criminals like Lavoy in state if you like them so much. Isn’t there any federal land in Arizona suitable for an armed take over- Grand Canyon, Casa Grande,Lake Meade? TBihere’s plenty more. Why come here?

  3. Seriously, @Reality Observer, @Radical American Constitutionalist ….lll% cheers!

    Well said,and to the rest of our fellow patriotic supporters too.

    @NotyourBusiness & JackE I can’t believe I wasted my time typing out your names. Reading your comments gave me an instant headache. Also, I am pretty sure that by trying to lower the IQs of others using “what you heard on TV and your partial hen clucking”, down to your level isn’t going to give you any peace in your miserable existence.

    I really can’t stand the thought that sometime I’m actually going to have to save a few asses like yourselves when they come for you, because you were blinded by your own stupidity.

  4. There are a few here that seem to wish to over look actual facts in sharing what they believe are “facts”.

    Mr. Finnicum was allowed to drive off from the first traffic stop to a road block set up around a blind corner where it could not be seen until a vehicle traveling a normal rate of speed would be unable to stop (this has been documented).

    This is important because now this “routine traffic stop” was allowed to be escalated to a felony as per Oregon law and a determination that the vehicle was a “deadly threat” to the actual road block allowed law enforcement to use deadly force.

    This despite the FACT the video shows the brake lights coming on on the pickup as soon as the road block is seen and the vehicle is steered AWAY from the road block to avoid it.

    There were three shots fired into an oncoming vehicle that contained an 18 year old girl that was innocent of any wrong doing and had no charges filed against her.

    There were two shots fired by the FBI at Mr. Finnicum as he exited the vehicle WITH HIS HANDS RAISED. Those two shots were fired towards the direction an OSP officer was on the other side of the vehicle. They later lied to investigators about firing those shots and tampered with evidence by removing the brass from the shots they fired.

    The FBI also deployed what are called “nine bangers” that simulate gun fire. The FBI also told OSP officers they were paired with “he’s shooting, he’s shooting” referring to Mr, Finnicum which was a lie.

    The FBI also deployed their spike trip to render a vehicle inoperable only 20 yards from the road block vehicles instead of further away to prevent a vehicle from becoming a “deadly threat”.

    All of these FACTS are public in the Deschutes County investigators transcripts.

    Governor Brown contacted the FBI and Pres. Obama demanding a end to the stand off.

    This was accomplished at this road block as well as a message sent to those that would protest the actions of a govt willing to throw two people in prison for 5 years for burning 140 acres of Federal land yet deny all accountability when that very same govt burns thousands of private acres in a fire that got away from them. (SD 2013)

    The husband and wife manager of the Malhuer refuge and the local BLM district filed jointly with the Federal prosecutor to force the Hammonds back to prison. It was reported in that sentencing agreement, a right of first refusal to purchase the Hammonds lands by the govt that they had been trying to purchase prior and were denied was written into the sentencing agreement.

    Wake up comrades……….

    “First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a communist;
    Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a socialist;
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a trade unionist;
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out – because I was not a Jew;
    Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak out for me. “

    • First of all, you state Finicum was “allowed to drive off” from the first stop. How would they have stopped him, short of shooting up the vehicle? I don’t see that had a choice at that point. And they certainly could not have planned for him to do that.
      Can you give me a link to your statement about the “nine bangers”? Are you saying they were fired before Finicum was shot? I know they fired at the vehicle to break the windows after Finicum was down.
      Can you give me a link to your statement about the FBI telling OSP that he was shooting? I can find no evidence of that.
      Can you give me a link to a spike strip being used? I can’t find information about that and haven’t heard it before.
      Lastly the “right of first refusal” isn’t that big of a deal, in my opinion. It simply means that if they want to sell the land, BLM can buy it. They can’t sell to someone else, if BLM wants to purchase it for the asking price.

  5. Kate Brown “called for” and sanctioned the murder of Lavoy by the State Police! She will not investigate herself you idiots!

  6. I can’t write a good reply to anyone because I’m fuming over this PERSON that says Finicum family family should lose their ranch.
    I have also, very carefully watched the same tapes he claims to have watched and listened to.
    Not once did I see or hear what he is stating.
    Not Your Business I am not sorry to disagree with you and would like to hear your tapes. How about posting what you saw and heard.
    Give us all a chance.

  7. I intend to encourage the Oregon legislature to insert itself into Arizona state actions that I do not agree with. If Arizona residents would refrain from coming to my state and committing multiple felonies with firearms, they wouldn’t find themselves bleeding out on the side of the road. Tip to Arizonans that want to come to Oregon and cause trouble: stay home.

    • Sir…Have you been Smoking/Ingesting some of that Dangerous/Psychotropic “Oregon Legal Recreational” Drug called Marijuana????

  8. There is a bit of twisting in this article.
    The Governor and Senator have expressed dismay at the actions of the FBI and there is an ongoing investigation into that matter.
    The fact remains that Mr. Finicum was stopped by the police and was give an opportunity to surrender. He chose another path. He accelerated his vehicle away from that stop. All those who surrendered at that stop were taken into custody without incident.
    Mr. Finicum then drove at a hight rate of speed on mountain roads crossing the center line multiple times hoping to outrun the State Police. He then came across a roadblock. When his car came to a stop, rather than sitting in the vehicle with hand in plain sight, he exited the vehicle within one second of coming to a stop. First shot is fired by FBI breaks back passenger window of vehicle.
    Mr. Finicum, know to carry a side arm in a shoulder holster on his left side, moves away from the vehicle with his hands in the air. During the following exchange, as he continues moving away from the vehicle, he reaches three times toward where that gun would later be found on his body. Here is the exchange as recored by Shawna Cox’s cell phone from the time the vehicle comes to a stop:
    Finicum and LE Statements, after Finicum exits his vehicle:
    (Finicum Exits Vehicle)
    Finicum: “Go ahead and shoot me.”
    (Shots heard, driver’s side rear window is shattered)
    Finicum: “Go ahead and shoot me.”
    Unknown LE Officer: “Get on the ground.”
    ”Finicum: “Go ahead and shoot me.”
    Unknown LE Officer: “Get on the ground.”
    Finicum: INAUDIBLE
    Finicum: “Go ahead and shoot me.”
    Finicum: “INAUDIBLE… shoot me.”
    Finicum: “You’re gunna have to shoot me.”
    Finicum: “You’re gunna have to shoot me.”
    Unknown LE Officer: “Get on the…”
    (Three shots heard)

    Only Mr. Finicum died that day. All the other people in the two cars followed Law Enforcement directives and are alive and in custody or released.
    You can draw your own conclusions, but these are the facts. In my opinion, Mr. Finicum would be alive today if he had surrendered at the first stop by LE.

  9. Those who call Lavoy a terrorist remind me of the French who aided the Nazis when France was occupied. Some sell their soul and sell out their neighbors to up their status on the food chain. Those people are called traitors. The lowest form of spineless jellyfish. No use trying to reason with them. They are only concerned with themselves, their own selfish needs, their own survival at any cost. When France was liberated, the traitors were sought out, their heads were shaved and they were run through the streets so all could witness and shame those who had aided the enemy. Time will tell …. clippers ready.
    If YOU aren’t on a watch list … you should be ashamed of yourself!

  10. Notyour Business, It is people like you that would harm America and it’s citizens, just like our corrupt government, you think just like them. How about they come and take your property and your way of making a living and then lock you up as if you were the criminal, or maybe ambush and kill you! I bet then your words would be different. You are very uneducated of the rights of the American people and the laws to protect them.

  11. A real American Hero was murdered at Burns, Oregon. I feel sorry for you who feel otherwise who cannot see the truth and are being so unwise.
    The demonstration was peaceful and not one shot was fired by the demonstrator.
    Putting out disinformation and covering up for murder is pretty rotten. I am sure a Discovery will disclose who is paying you for sending your disinformation on the internet which is the not right thing to do in this case. I hope the defense lawyers bring up who is spreading disinformation before the trial. CAJ

  12. And don’t forget the American patriots who traveled to Nevada to stand with the Bundys as the feds tried first to steal, then to kill, their herds. FBI task forces have been working overtime to identify all those Americans through various means, including social media postings. Whenever one is identified, he is surrounded and picked off by the feds and dragged off to jail. They are being charged with the most incredible non-criminal crimes so they can be held without bail, convicted by federal judges listening to federal agents, and then sent to re-education camps where they will be kept until – when? And their American families? This and Finicum’s murder would sound distressingly familiar to all of us if schools still taught history.

    By the way, if you live in Clark County Nevada, have you asked why your elected sheriff was and is in handholding status with the feds against his own people? Maybe he just never knew that a sheriff is beholding to his own citizens? know, kinda like feds? It sure seems like it needs asking – maybe at the ballot box.

    Thank you Rep. Thorpe, and the others. Keep up the good work for US.

    God bless America.

  13. I hope Jeanette gets 500 million dollars for the murder of her husband. Most of you didn’t know him so you wouldn’t know what kind of man he was, I do. You couldn’t find a more honest kindhearted person. He loves our country and would die for our freedom. He loves his family. So people that don’t know him SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!! You don’t know what your talking about. You haven’t been told the truth by the lamestream media. WAKE UP before it’s to late.

  14. Mrs Finicum will have her day in court and her husband’s death will not be in vain. The FBI video has already been analyzed by several videographers who will testify the FBI video has been altered. It is actually a combination of two videos taken by the FBI. There are already law enforcement officials coming forward who will testify against the killers. The FBI HRT snipers are already under investigation for lying about two shots fired at Mr Finicum. FBI HRT lied during the investigation conducted by Oregon officials. This has been acknowledged by FBI and Oregon. Those of you who are blood thirsty and have no desire to see justice served should hope their “Justice” is never waged on you. It seems BLM and FBI are geared for war everyday on our own soil. FBI has become trained killers instead of protectors. I’ll check back after Mrs Finicum takes all who are responsible to court and the facts are upheld that her husband was murdered. The blockade was not a “simple” trafficc stop. That was a military tactic used in high target values engaged in war. It’ll be good to see these “law enforcement” officials brought to justice. Again, I’ll be back when court is over!

  15. Shame on all of you who are o.k. with calling good people terrorists. Tomorrow it will be you they come after. We are watching as Hitler’s Germany unfolds here in America. People o.k. with letting true terrorists run freely on our streets and good people being labeled terrorists then held unjustly in prisons. True terrorists will come to a neighborhood near you or you may have the opportunity of sitting in front of a judge and jury on some trumped up charge you may have to deal with in the near future. No one is safe.

  16. There has already been an investigation. It was suicide by cop, plain and simple. The bundiots just won’t let the thing die though. They want to try and make a martyr of him, but in truth he got just what he asked for. “SHOOT ME! YOU’RE GONNA HAVE TO SHOOT ME!”

  17. As a fellow (though former) Oregonian, I believe what these folks were doing was correct and proper. If you want to see domestic terrorists in Oregon, just watch what happens when any President arrives in Portland. You’d think you were in a foreign country.

    I happen to be at the Bundy ranch that fateful Saturday, and saw all the Federal Officers (if you can call them that). Since when did the BLM ever gear up like they were fighting a real war? What president authorized that?

    Our Patriots were speaking from the constitution. The cows that needed to be rescued were property which rightfully belonged to Cliven Bundy. They were no longer on federal land, so release them.

    From everything I read, Governor Brown is as guilty as the State Police she controls. She was anxious to bring this standoff to a quick end. Rep Waldon, R-OR had already pleaded on the floor of the House of Representatives for help. None was coming.

    Yes, Arizona, you should ask what happened. Be sure to ask the FBI what happened to the brass from the two shots they took, including the one that penetrated the cab of the truck. That brass should be easy to locate, it’s gold in color. The state police brass was all silver in color.

    Let’s get to the bottom of this now.

  18. Finicum died because he was a misguided ideologue who somehow thought the law didn’t apply to him. There is no reason to spend one second investigating his death. The so-called patriots who are somehow making this into some nefarious plan by the government/CIA/FBI/Obama/ETs are simply angry misfits whose lives aren’t working out and want to place the blame on anyone but themselves.

    I’ll bet Mr. Thorpe’s letter was rounfiled the moment it was read. As it should have been.

    • Let’s go ahead and apply that principle of yours…

      Shoot down the La Raza bunch the next time they come out. Shoot down the Occupiers of Wall Street. Shoot down the Blacks on the streets in Ferguson, Baltimore, Detroit, oh a very long list. Shoot down every illegal border crosser – they don’t believe the law applies to them, do they? Heck, let’s just get out the full auto armory and MRAPS on Fourth Avenue the next time the U of A makes it to the Final Four.

      And they will eventually get around to you…

      • None of that applies. Apples and oranges. He illegally occupied federal property, kept federal workers from doing their job. When he was stopped, he fled, and when he exited the vehicle he reached for his gun. I’m sure you see all of that differently. If he had simply obeyed orders, he would be arrested, but still alive. And what I heard from him, he preferred death by cop to being arrested. So he doesn’t get his day in court. His choice.

  19. Those of you against LaVoy…you’ll be slaves to this over reaching government soon enough. To the one wishing for Jeanette will lose her ranch..I really wondered if there were real idiots left and you are one..LaVoy was teaching about the constitution, and the people’s rights. He was murdered because of it. Murdered by the Feds. The patriots are just fighting for our freedom. If they win, which is doubtful because of the unjust imprisonment, you’ll be assured of your freedom. I hope you say thanks.

  20. Watched the video again. That video proves that Jeanette Finicum is just another lowly liar, but that’s not surprising. She claims that he was shot first and reaching down because of the pain? Than why was he screaming “you better shoot me” while repeatedly reaching instead of “you shot me”? Hopefully, despite his death, he can be still be fined for his actions and the costs involved. It would be great for the Finicum family to lose their ranch. They shouldn’t lost that liability due to his death.

    • You must have somehow missed the FBI HRT shots fired at Mr Finicum immediately as he exited his vehicle?
      Without sound, we do not know definitively when the first OSP shot was fired.

    • Mrs Finicum is no liar. When this is brought to the courts there will be facts presented that will prove this was a murder. She will be the one collecting from the state and federal government for the death of her husband. So, that means the Oregon taxpayers will be handing over some of their hard earned dollars for killing this Arizona rancher.

  21. Unbelievable that a State Representative can be so ignorant and supportive of militants and their armed insurrection. Maybe the other 49 States should bring “protesters” to their banks, and any other worthy institutions and “protest” the inequality of finances, reassure that they are not there to cause harm as long as no-one tries to stop them, liberate the resources of those institutions, and then demand that they be labeled as peaceful protesters exercising their Constitutional rights to bear arms while liberating said resources and their right to free speech. Are the people of Arizona really so insane. The Malheur takeover has definitely shown that we need to have a stronger anti-terrorist unit ready to deploy to any area these militants strike next. Most Americans will sleep fine when terrorists, domestic and otherwise, die. Domestic terrorism, like the Malheur occupation, is the greatest threat to the US, not ISIS. They need to be dealt with accordingly. We the People will not be held down by the intimidation and violence of terrorists such as Lavoy and the Bundys.

    • “Give me Liberty or Give me death”. We used to honor that statement, now we no longer do. I am glad Arizona is standing up to the murderous thugs who took a man out without a trial.If the Malheur refuge if federal property, then all of us, including the occupiers, are the owners. Not just eastern environmental interests.

  22. Finicum ran one police roadblock, attempted to run another and refused to follow the directives of on-scene law enforcement officers. He put other people’s lives in danger. He was known to be armed all the time. He did not keep his hands in the air all the time. Jeanette Finicum has never released the results of the private autopsy that would support or refute claims about how many times Finicum was shot. He had an intense and arguably irrational anger directed at the Federal government (see video where he blames the government for sabotaging his water system). I’ve watched the video and it’s hard to not reach the conclusion that Finicum had a death wish. What I don’t understand is, why?

    The notion of a peaceful protest at Malheur is part of the ever-changing narrative. I’ve watched many of the videos made by the occupiers and it’s pretty clear to me that what they really wanted was a confrontation that would bring out more supporters. LaVoy, the Bundys and their band of misfits that includes many people with criminal records are the exact opposite of the “patriots” they claim to be.

    • The first was a traffic stop with unmarked vehicles and non-uniformed men firing weapons. Mr Finicum told them to follow him to a trusted law enforcement officials, as was his right for his & his passengers safety.
      The roadblock was set up against OR code, therefore illegal.
      I’d be angry also with any entity that sabotaged my family’s well being without being held accountable.

      A confrontation? Yes, a verbal one. It’s called a discussion and should happen more often between our elected officials and their constituents to hold the officials accountable.

      Many people have pasts and many of them make amends and change.

      • Extract from Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith
        Paris Nov. 13. 1787.

        “….the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. it is it’s natural manure….”

    • @JackEA$$HOLE: Your ignorance is as amazing as your audacity to expose it! First, they had an ambush set up in violation of all the rules established by the government. For example, the roadblock (the first wasn’t a road block, just an illegal traffic stop) was just around the corner giving them ALMOST NO ROOM TO STOP!! Second, the FBI had SNIPERS in the trees, and STARTED SHOOTING before any opportunity to surrender.
      Third they shot him in the back. Fourth the FBI LIED by NOT disclosing that they had made two shots before Finicum got out of the Truck.

      This action by the Feds was NO DIFFERENT than the Murder of 80+ people in Waco, Texas; OR the murder of Randy Weaver’s wife on Ruby Ridge.

      You need to actually read the Constitution, or MOVE THE HELL TO Cuba, North Korea or China!

  23. Regardless of how you feel about the ranchers and their chosen method of bring attention to the BLM/Federal takeover of state lands, the fact remains these men did nothing worthy of death.
    When peaceful assembly and protest of the Government is stifled by public execution and the fear of being labeled “domestic terrorist” we have lost our Constitutional Republic and personal liberty.
    The Government fears the ranchers much more than the rioting, pillaging, looting and destruction as seen in Ferguson MO because the ranchers were education the public about the Federal violations of the Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights.

    • They were domestic terrorists. Why shouldn’t they be labeled as such. They walked unto public lands armed and with the stated intent of stealing the public’s resources with the use of those arms if attempts were made to stop them. Substitute “public lands” with bank, and “resources” with money, if yo have a hard time understanding what they were. Thugs, terrorists, criminals.

      • However ‘public lands’ is not equitable to ‘private banks’ & no public resources were stolen. Your point is moot.

        Public is for all of us, even those you may not agree with.

      • Mr Finicum was not a domestic terrorist. He had never had a speeding ticket. He never threatened anyone nor ever pointed his weapon at anyone. You would be smart to start getting your news from different sources besides the CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX news. They only report what is approved by the federal government. It’s called propaganda. You know, the kind we use to hear to Soviets engaged in!

      • @NotyourBusiness: You’re an incredibly IGNORANT fool. They went there to protest the despicable incarceration of the Hammonds for an ACCIDENTAL burning of Federal land (142 acres) while trying to protect their own land. The Government wanted them to serve a FULL FIVE YEARS because they claimed it was “terrorism.”

        At the SAME TIME the government, under this piece of crap traitorous president, is RELEASING EARLY drug dealers, violent criminals and other federal felons.

        The BLM is ALSO STEALING PRIVATE LAND, also taking away grazing rights on so-called public land and BANKRUPTING ranchers and farmers. You are an idiot, liar and fools if you believe your stupid drivel.

        IF you had a freaking clue (or even cared) about the US Constitution, you’d know that the Federal government has zero authorization to have any BLM land. But being the idiot Socialist that you are, YOU DON’T GIVE A DAMN!! You are a traitor, obvious to most.

        • Well said Radical American Constitutionalist, this AZ. resident agrees with you completely. That ignorant, know nothing,
          liberal jackass, is a moron of the highest magnitude!

      • LaVoy Finicum, Bundy’s, etc. were exercising their right to protect a fellow rancher. They are not domestic terrorist, your pres. is more of one than any that I know. If you look at the peaceful protest in great contrast to Ferguson, you are labeling the wrong people. But even Ferguson had a right to protest “peacefully” but they didn’t do that now did they and you call Finicum and Bundy’s terrorist.

    • I think everyone needs a wall to keep zealous FBI agents out. Hired killers are dangerous

  24. When you consider the fact that most Oregonians did not care for Cliven Bundy and his merry band of trespassers this letter from Rep. Thorpe will be as well received as a letter from an Oregon legislators Governor Ducey about accepting illegal aliens with open arms would be appreciated in Arizona.

    • They may not have liked the message, but it was not worthy of execution without a trial.

      Obviously Oregon has no respect for the constitution.

      • The people would have liked nothing better than to have Lavoy await trial and then spend the rest of his life behind bars. Unfortunately, Lavoy said he had no intention of ending up in “a concrete box”, and committed death by cop. Better him than one of the officers.

        • You will learn when this goes to trial there are many Oregon law enforcement officers who refer to this as murder because that’s what it was. There will be many verifiable facts brought out in court through witnesses called.

    • Rick K. where do you get the idea that “most” Oregonians did not care for Cliven Bundy and the other ranchers? I am a life long Oregonian and you do not speak for me. I have talked to many fellow Oregonians who understand that the ranchers were doing nothing to warrant killing one of them. Do not think you speak for me and others who feel as I do.

      • I agree with you Darcy! I was wondering if he took a poll before he shoved his foot in his mouth.

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