Phoenix “Chicago” Pimp Gets 330 Years For Child Prostitution

Phoenix "Chicago" Pimp Gets 330 Years For Child Prostitution

Judge Pamela Gates sentenced Andre Antonio Adams, age 33, to a term of 330.75 years in the Arizona Department of Corrections for causing two 15-year-old girls to engage in prostitution and for providing them with drugs. A jury found Adams guilty last March on ten counts of child prostitution and two counts of transferring or selling drugs to a minor.

Adams also has prior convictions for aggravated assault, conspiracy to commit sale of Marijuana and possession of Marijuana

Detectives assigned to the Greater Phoenix Area Human Trafficking Task Force became aware of the two female victims in the case through advertisements posed on, a website frequently used to facilitate prostitution. After contacting the girls, investigators learned the two were 15 years old and listed as runaways. When interviewed, the girls stated they were working as prostitutes for a pimp known as “Chicago,” who knew both of their ages because they had told him. They related that “Chicago” would rent a hotel room for them to have sex with adult men and that he promised to protect them and provide them with money and marijuana.

The two victims subsequently identified “Chicago” in a photo lineup and investigators determined his actual identity to be Andre Antonio Adams. He was arrested on January 24, 2015 and charged with child prostitution and providing drugs to a minor. On March 29, 2016, after deliberating for less than four hours, a jury returned guilty verdicts on all counts.


  1. This canadian is obviously preying on the innocentisms of are youths. Glad to see “the man” caught ups to him, and will be doin his incarceroations for the rest of his life. enjoy the deep knuckles

  2. It’s called sex trafficked these days. Children aren’t prostitutes because they aren’t of the age to “consent” to sex or choose sex work as a career. Thank you.

  3. Wonder what he gonna look like in a couple of years after braiding Bubba’s hair and washing Big Tiny’s draws!

  4. I think they should re-open Alcatraz to imprison people like him as well as those who give aid, comfort, etc. to ISIL.

  5. Low life should a pimped his ass I no sum old bitches that would a gladly paired to seat on that face an kindly took a Shit n his mouth..he’s a Shit Shit face for doing them kids like that..bastard

  6. He obviously never had someone truly love and protect him, as a child, had no idea what that is all about and, somehow, simultaneously, learned to do whatever he could to survive in his loveless world of extremely limited choices….doesn’t make what he did any less atrocious—just puts additional blame upon THOSE WHO BORE AND DIDNT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE LIFE BROUGHT INTO THIS WORLD!!!! How would he know better?????

  7. He never had anyone to truly love and protect him? Maybe the judge took this into account and this is why he only got 331 years.

  8. Love and protection as a child had NOTHING to do with this. Its called not being a human being with a soul and no respect for others. This bitch figured that he could make money off a child having sex with strangers and he was going to make a profit.. he will get his in prison, hopefully with a blowtorch and some pliers

  9. I wish the law was as punitive for the pediphiles!! Then we might see a decrease in what the tax payers pay for mental health service for causing rape & prostitution of little boys & girls, the crimes they committed, drug abuse and imprisonment. We are paying for him for at least the next 20 years or until he dies in prison, but our tax dollars won’t pay for the services needed to help the children and the damage the likes of people like him causes. They need to put them on an island called Americas criminals and let them fiend for themselves!!

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