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Why Donald Trump’s poll numbers are surging right now
Jake Novak

Donald Trump’s surge in the polls isn’t just the result of the usual bump presidential candidates historically enjoy after they sew up the primary battles and earn the “presumptive nominee” title. And it’s also not just the result of Hillary Clinton’s mistakes, even though she is making some serious campaign errors right now. What has been happening over the last few weeks is that Trump has changed his attack and messaging in a subtle but effective way, so subtle that many pundits may have missed it. But here are the three things Trump is doing very well right now:

1) He’s focusing much more on Hillary Clinton

A month ago, Trump was still talking and tweeting too much about the Republican opponents he had long since vanquished. But in the past week to 10 days, he’s been much more focused on Clinton and that’s had the dual effect of weakening her and persuading more and more reluctant Republicans to jump aboard the Trump train. But saying Trump is going after Clinton doesn’t tell half the story; it’s how he’s attacking her that really matters.

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