Pima County Attorney Continues To Refuse Debate With Primary Opponent

Congressman Raul Grijalva with old friend Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall

Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall has so far refused 5 different invitations from 5 different community organizations offering to host an event. So far this election cycle, LaWall has refused to debate or even attend any forum with her Democratic primary opponent, Joel Feinman.

Five different community and political organizations have invited Ms. LaWall to appear in public with Mr. Feinman and answer questions about the Pima County justice system from the voters, and she has declined or ignored them all.

“It is sad that Ms. LaWall does not believe that she has a duty, as both a candidate and a 20 year elected official, to listen to the people of Pima County and publicly answer their questions and concerns,” said Feinman. “I will be happy to appear with Ms. LaWall at a time and place of her choosing, because I believe that open discussion and debate is the foundation of our democracy.”

Election day is August 30, 2016.

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  1. This is crazy that Pima County voters have already surrendered to the idea that it will one of these two leftists.

    Are there no longer any real prosecuters left in the other camp in this county?? Have we just given up on enforcing the laws in this county?? Are we condemning ourselves to what we have now?? Where is the Pima County GOP?? Anybody seen them lately?? We are fueling our own destruction.

    God bless America.

    • Sorry, Leo; there is no Pima County
      GOP- only Pima County GOP RINO’s.

      You know, the same ones foisting
      a fake Republican to run against
      Ally Miller- a rare actual Republican
      in the County.

  2. The challenger needs to show up wherever she is at and shame her into debating him butpublically asking why she’s afraid to debate him and I mean go everywhere she’s at.

  3. One can only hope that the challenger can defeat LaWall who has done absolutely nothing about the corruption in Pima County because she is a large part of the problem.

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