McCain Spends Big Against Ward In “Despicable” Attacks

McCain’s Arizona Grassroots Action PAC mailer

When an expensive mailer was sent out to voters across Arizona implying that popular State Senator Dr. Kelli Ward was somehow linked to radical Islamic terrorists, it was assumed it came from her opponent Senator John McCain. Now, documents show that McCain’s dirty politics dark money group, Arizona Grassroots Action PAC has been spending a small fortune on misinformation. found most of the hyperbolic claims made by McCain’s faux grassroots group to be “misleading.”

Not only are the claims misleading but the mailer, presumed to come from the PAC, appears to be illegal. It fails to advise recipients as to the identity of the sender.

The mailer claimed that Ward, whose husband Michael is currently a Colonel in the Arizona National Guard, serving as a flight surgeon, “wanted to ban our intelligence agencies from operating in Arizona, leaving Arizonans vulnerable to attack from terrorists.”

In just the last few months, McCain’s astroturf group, which shares the same address with McCain’s PAC, Friends of John McCain, spent over $560,000 attacking Ward.

LD30 PC Timothy Schwartz issued a statement this week condemning McCain’s tactics and specifically cited the “despicable televised ads attempting to link US AZ Sen candidate Dr. Kelli Ward to Islamic terrorists and claiming she wants to leave our military vulnerable. This is contemptible since she is a military wife as well as a physician and former state senator.”

Schwartz continues, “… facts can’t get in the way of the well-financed agenda when John McCain is running scared. The ad’s tag line identifies Arizona Grassroots Action PAC as responsible for the content. Open Secrets/Center for Responsive Politics provides a link to even more, including the Federal Election Commission (FEC) 15-page report of the Alexandria, Virginia based PAC’s most recent filing seen here, covering Jan. 1, 2016 through March 31, 2016. Gregory W. Wendt, the all too familiar San Francisco liberal who has bankrolled Barack Obama and other left-wing Democrats, is tucked in among the mostly out-of-state supporters of John S. McCain.”

Schwartz concludes, “At 80, John McCain is running — scared — for another 6-year term. Although he uses bravado to target Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick in the General, it’s Primary challenger Kelli Ward he fears. Ward‘s solid message: “Send a fresh, new voice to the U.S. Senate — Let’s shake up Washington together,“ resonates with McCain weary Arizonans.”

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