McCain Spends Big Against Ward In “Despicable” Attacks

McCain’s Arizona Grassroots Action PAC mailer

When an expensive mailer was sent out to voters across Arizona implying that popular State Senator Dr. Kelli Ward was somehow linked to radical Islamic terrorists, it was assumed it came from her opponent Senator John McCain. Now, documents show that McCain’s dirty politics dark money group, Arizona Grassroots Action PAC has been spending a small fortune on misinformation. found most of the hyperbolic claims made by McCain’s faux grassroots group to be “misleading.”

Not only are the claims misleading but the mailer, presumed to come from the PAC, appears to be illegal. It fails to advise recipients as to the identity of the sender.

The mailer claimed that Ward, whose husband Michael is currently a Colonel in the Arizona National Guard, serving as a flight surgeon, “wanted to ban our intelligence agencies from operating in Arizona, leaving Arizonans vulnerable to attack from terrorists.”

In just the last few months, McCain’s astroturf group, which shares the same address with McCain’s PAC, Friends of John McCain, spent over $560,000 attacking Ward.

LD30 PC Timothy Schwartz issued a statement this week condemning McCain’s tactics and specifically cited the “despicable televised ads attempting to link US AZ Sen candidate Dr. Kelli Ward to Islamic terrorists and claiming she wants to leave our military vulnerable. This is contemptible since she is a military wife as well as a physician and former state senator.”

Schwartz continues, “… facts can’t get in the way of the well-financed agenda when John McCain is running scared. The ad’s tag line identifies Arizona Grassroots Action PAC as responsible for the content. Open Secrets/Center for Responsive Politics provides a link to even more, including the Federal Election Commission (FEC) 15-page report of the Alexandria, Virginia based PAC’s most recent filing seen here, covering Jan. 1, 2016 through March 31, 2016. Gregory W. Wendt, the all too familiar San Francisco liberal who has bankrolled Barack Obama and other left-wing Democrats, is tucked in among the mostly out-of-state supporters of John S. McCain.”

Schwartz concludes, “At 80, John McCain is running — scared — for another 6-year term. Although he uses bravado to target Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick in the General, it’s Primary challenger Kelli Ward he fears. Ward‘s solid message: “Send a fresh, new voice to the U.S. Senate — Let’s shake up Washington together,“ resonates with McCain weary Arizonans.”


  1. John McCain is probably the worse senator EVER for Arizonans. He is not a Conservative, he is a LIBERAL! He has done nothing for the citizens of Arizona, but he wants open borders, and was a leader in “The Gang Of Eight” with Chuck Schumer, Rubio & others who are self serving scumbags. It would be better to have John McCain THROWN OUT OF OFFICE than to have him lose this election.
    Unless you are a member of the McCain family there is NO REASON TO VOTE FOR HIM, and I voted for him the last 2 elections, but his lies about Dr. Kelli Ward and his stance on open borders and the gang of 8, showed me that voting for Dr. Kelli Ward is the right thing to do for Arizona and the USA.

  2. This race and that of Paul Nehlen can have nationwide effects and they are very important! I’ve been donating to Paul Nehlen in WI, who is challenging Paul Ryan, and just now donated to Kelli. If we can get both incumbents Cantored out, but still retain the seats, the country will be much better off. The WI primary is August 9 and Nehlen needs help, too. So if any of you can help, go to .

  3. So delighted to run across this & took the time to read the comments here. Gives me much hope. Hello all MoLibertyMan here, aka- @randwarrior62. USAF vet from back in the days when McCain was a freshman congressman & have watched this guy for yrs with growing disappointment. Watched him praise Obama, while he was running against him & haven’t like nor trusted him since. This doddering old RINO is completely out of touch with regular everyday Americans and is nothing more than an political hack anymore. #EstablishmentJohn has voted to rob social security, cut vets’ pensions, advance gun control, and to force our daughters to register for the draft, just within the recent past & that just the tip of the iceberg. Like Kelli says, it’s no wonder Hillary calls him her favorite (R)! That’s why I am working as volunteer for Kelli Ward, doing my best to get her name & message out via social media and the good news is I just one of thousands! What we offer in enthusiasm & determination though, many like myself lack the financial means to help her out. So please if you believe like me that its high time to #RetireMcCain, please, please go to & donate a few bucks. If everyone who visited her page just chipped in $5, she’d have all she needs to fairly take on McCain & the Washington machine head to head. Kelli’s got him on the ropes & running scared, please help her finish him off now! To the commenters here, thanks again much for the encouragement. Remember on Aug 30 #VoteKelli #WARD4AZ & #RetireMcCain!

  4. I just received the fifth anti-Ward mailer from McCain cohorts – Friends of John McCain and Grassroots Org. These mailers are large, fold-outs, multi colored, expensive and full of LIES. The distortions would be funny if the threat wasn’t real from the McCain crowd.
    I urge everyone who receives these mailers to collect them and when the opportunity arises, drop them at McCain’s feet. This despicable man needs to see the fruits of his labor, and our rejection of his methods.

  5. McCain trying to “create” a KELLI WARD WHO DOES NOT EXIST! He insults the intelligence of AZ voters and thinks he can fool them one more time by spending his special interest money to try and destroy an excellent person who wants to serve the people and will do it with integrity and honor.

  6. McCain’s lying and disinformation machine is working overtime.

    He hit’s here on phony charges of not backing the military — out of context — as if that’s all a senator is supposed to do. He is the liberal pal of Tom and Linda Daschle, the supposed Republican who couldn’t put together a bill without a Democrat co-signer, who found Bill Clinton innocent, who authored “McCain-Feingold”, the “incumbent protection act” which limits speech three months prior to an election, who wants open borders and amnesty…

    If McCain is not a liberal Democrat, he is nothing. Oh, just because he calls himself a “Republican”, doesn’t mean a thing.

  7. If McLame really want’s to be a “Hero”, he should “drop out”, move to Sedona, and NEVER open his mouth to spew his political B.S…….GO TRUMP, GO TRUMP, GO TRUMP.

  8. She just received the endorsement of Ron Paul Kelli Ward was just in Green Valley speaking at the Tea Party to a standing room crowd only and she was fabulous. We also had Marla Closen, Supervisor district 4 candidate, and Tom Schenek, constable candidate. 3 extremely good, exciting, knowledgeable fighters who stood up against big money and incumbents when no one else had the cojones. Yes folks. That counts. Let’s work hard for all 3. We could change our country, state, and county when these 3 are elected. Get out and work hard. It takes us all to go up against the media in all forms.

    • Frog is right! Dr. Kelli Ward is endorsed by Phyllis Schlafly, Mark Levin, Gun Owners of America and Ron Paul. Now, that is a well-rounded candidate. She is 100% pro-life although McCain allegedly bought an endorsement from National Right to Life, an organization with a record of taking payoffs! You can help her by telling your friends and neighbors NOW! McCain’s plan was to ignore the primary but Dr. Ward has such a large support network ,he could not continue his lies. He led people to believe that Ann Kirkpatrick would face him in the general only. Typical McCain.

  9. In McCain’s last primary run his astroturf made a bunch of BS claims against J.D. Hayworth finishing with, “That’s why Arizona voted him out in 2006.” The reason J.D was voted out in 2006 stems from the fact he is a true conservative unlike 2 faced John McCain. The left targeted many conservatives in the ’06 election and McCain did nothing to help his so called colleagues out. I’ve voted for the 2 face so and so for to long and I’m not voting for him again. McCain just wants to be the one that’s in charge of the same old big government that exists now.

  10. not sure if its mclame or his handlers that are running scared? If he goes there goes the golden goose for some and that is what is scaring them the most. Yes he is useless and has done absolutely NOTHING for the state and perhaps the country except try and sell himself as a ‘maverick’ who stands for POLITICAL CORRUPTION IMO. Yes he ran for prez, but he was the goat like goldwater back in 64. They new then just like they knew when mclame ran that he had a snowballs chance in hell to win. Why do you think that that the others backed out when they did. bho had them all buffaloed and they caved in to him. No this guy has been bought and sold so many times he cant remember what its like to have ever been an ‘honorable’ public servant. Now its all about him and his owners, who are not the ‘people of ARIZONA’.

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