New Arizona License Plate Assists Children Of Marines, Navy Corpsmen

A new Arizona specialty license plate is assisting the children of Marines and Navy Corpsmen pursue their dreams of higher education.

Sales of the U.S. Marine Corps plate, introduced last August, have topped $50,000. For every one of the specialty plates purchased, $17 of the $25 fee goes to the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation — the oldest and largest provider of need-based scholarships to military children.

“Marines make legendary sacrifices. Sending their children to school shouldn’t be one of them,” said Col. Steven Weintraub, a Marine reservist and chairman of the Foundation’s Arizona Campaign Committee. “There is no organization closer to the intersection of real need and lasting impact than the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation.”

“The Marine Corps Scholarship Fund is providing college educations and sharing pride in our Marine Corps and Navy Corpsman with this specialty license plate. This is of great benefit to Arizona Marine families. As a daughter of U.S. Marine and graduate of the University of Arizona, I am especially proud to devote my time to this program,” stated Kathleen Winn, License Plate Committee chairperson.

No eligible child of a Marine or Navy Corpsman who served with the Marines is turned down for a scholarship. Eighty percent of scholarship recipients go on to earn a degree, about double the national rate.

Providing such support becomes tougher each year as college costs rise and more children of Marines and Corpsmen enter adulthood.

That’s why programs like the Marine Corps license plate program and the Arizona chapter’s annual gala are so important. Funds raised through these programs have provided scholarships to more than 300 sons and daughters of Arizona Marines in the last five years alone.

The gala is open to the public and takes place Sept. 10 at the Keirland Resort and Spa. For more information, including ticket purchases, visit

The U.S. Marine Corps specialty license plate is also available to anyone – you don’t have to be a Marine or a Navy Corpsman to display the Eagle, Globe and Anchor and show your support. You can order the plate at (click on personalized/specialized plates).


  1. I went to the servicearizona website to order a license plate. The article says “For every one of the specialty plates purchased, $17 of the $25 fee goes to the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation”. servicearizona says
    “You have selected the U.S. Marine Corps plate. You have the option to personalize your license plate.
    U.S. Marine Corps: $25.00 initial fee plus $25.00 per year annual fee
    U.S. Marine Corps Personalized: $50.00 initial fee plus $50.00 per year annual fee”
    Is the article incorrect?

  2. What a great Idea! As someone who supports our troops 1000%, respects, contributes and volunteers to help disabled military Vets I cannot think of a better way to help support Veterans from all branches and their children. As noted above, Vets (thank you for your duty folks) want the plates representing the branch they served in. Personally to show my support II have some decals on my vehicle i.e. Wounded Warrior, Never Forget and more then a few times been thanked for my duty. Of course I explain that I did not serve and my intent is only to show support for those who haves served and those who are serving. With that I would like to add my request for a more generic sign of strong support for our entire military for those who support but have not served. I would never want to have these plates that are for such a great cause mistaken for stolen valor. Thanks for a great campaign for a great cause!

  3. This is outstanding. I support it 100%.
    I also believe it should be extended to include:
    Whoever set this up, please continue the good work
    and see if we can include all the services.
    Yes I did serve: ARMY. Yes I would like the Army plate.

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