Arizona Health Officials Confirm New Case Of Measles, 20 Cases Total

[U.S. Centers for Disease Control photo]

The Arizona Department of Health Services has confirmed one new case of measles, bringing the total to 20 cases. As with the others, the new case is associated with the private detention facility housing illegal aliens in Eloy.

The breakdown of total cases is as follows:
•Pinal County, 19 cases
•Maricopa County, 1 case

Public exposures related to this outbreak within the past 21 days have occurred on the following dates and locations. This list does not contain healthcare exposures:


What to do if you think you have measles:

•If you have a healthcare provider, contact him/her by phone and let them know that you may have been exposed to measles. They will let you know when to visit their office so as not to expose others in the waiting area.

•If you do not have a health care provider, you may need to be seen at your local hospital emergency room or urgent care center. Please call before going to let them know you may have measles. For more information on measles’ signs and symptoms or where you may find vaccine, please check with your healthcare provider or your county health department.