Who Is Funding Pima County Supervisor Candidates?

While Pima County administrator Chuck Huckelberry and Board of Supervisors’ Chair Sharon Bronson denied an elderly physically challenged member of the public easy access to meetings, other residents appear to have ready access to power.
While Pima County administrator Chuck Huckelberry and Board of Supervisors’ Chair Sharon Bronson denied an elderly physically challenged member of the public easy access to meetings, other residents appear to have ready access to power.

“The hardest thing about any political campaign is how to win without proving that you are unworthy of winning.” ~ Adlai Stevenson

They say ‘money matters,’ and in the races for Pima County Board of Supervisors, big money is flowing from deep pockets to the campaign coffers of incumbents and the “establishment’s” anointed candidates; John Winchester and Steve Christy.

In the eighth poorest metropolitan area in the country, it is not surprising that deep pockets account for the majority of contributions made to the candidates.

The tables below contain contributions above $500 for the current candidates in all contested Pima County Board of Supervisors’ races. Check back next week for other races.


ASSENMACHER, WILLIAM02/19/2016$6,250.00
CLICK JR, JIM02/19/2016$6,250.00
CLICK, VICKI02/19/2016$6,250.00
PRICE, RICHARD B02/22/2016$6,250.00
CAVANAGH, DANIEL T02/24/2016$500.00
YOUNG, MARK R02/25/2016$1,000.00
LOPEZ, HUMBERTO S [HSL]02/29/2016$6,200.00
TOWNSDIN, CHARLES L03/02/2016$1,000.00
OSER, KIMBERLY A03/2016$1,000.00
MUHR, MARITA03/17/2016$500.00
SULLIVAN SR, THOMAS03/18/2016$1,000.00
GLEASON, CHRISTOPHER M03/29/2016$1,000.00
MEHL, DAVID03/29/2016$6,200.00
GLEASON ENTERPRISES03/30/2016$1,000.00
MEHL, BONNIE S03/30/2016$6,200.00
AMOS, PHILIP R04/11/2016$600.00
QUEBEDEAUX, THOMAS C04/11/2016$2,000.00
WEITMAN SR, PAUL04/14/2016$5,000.00
PETTIS, CHARLES M04/15/2016$500.00
WATSON, KARL T04/18/2016$6,250.00
STUDLEY, LARRY04/19/2016$500.00
CHAPMAN, TED04/20/2016$3,500.00
DI CHRISTOFANO, MICHAEL04/20/2016$5,000.00
BEACH, BRUCE D04/24/2016$500.00
BRACE JR, FREDERIC F04/25/2016$1,000.00
BRAV, GARRY04/25/2016$500.00
DI CHRISTOFANO, FRANK04/25/2016$5,000.00
LACE, STEVE04/25/2016$500.00
CANDRIAN, J SCOTT04/27/2016$500.00
NORTH, MAROGAN E04/27/2016$2,000.00
QUICK, JEFFREY04/27/2016$2,000.00
WILLIAMS, BERT04/27/2016$500.00
JOHNSON, PETER04/29/2016$500.00
LENIHAN, STEVE04/29/2016$500.00
MONSON, CHRIS04/30/2016$500.00
NANNINI, STEVEN L04/02/2016$500.00
TAYLOR, MARK04/02/2016$500.00
McCALLISTER, ROSS04/03/2016$3,000.00
PECK, HENRY T04/03/2016$3,000.00
ALKHAYAT, M HAYSSAM [JC]04/042016$500.00
PFLUG, ALEXANDER W [JC]04/042016$500.00
ANDERSON, MICHAEL G04/06/2016$500.00
ASHTON, HAROLD W04/06/2016$1,000.00
FREITAS, MARIANNE04/07/2016$500.00
AMOS III, Hank GEORGE04/09/2016$1,000.00
DIAMOND, DONALD R [DV]04/09/2016$2,500.00
KIPPER, GARY04/09/2016$500.00
KOEPPEL, DARYL D [JC]04/09/2016$250.00
KOUSSA, AHMAD [JC]04/09/2016$500.00
LACY, GEORGIA04/09/2016$500.00
NICHOLSON, DARREN [JC]04/09/2016$500.00
SCHWARTZ, PETER04/09/2016$500.00
ACORN, KIM04/10/2016$500.00
ANDERSON, MICHAEL G04/10/2016$1,000.00
ARTAZ, SUSAN [JC]04/10/2016$500.00
DUSENBERRY, BRUCE L04/10/2016$500.00
GOLDFARB, ROBERT P04/10/2016$500.00
GOLDSTEIN, DAVID [DV]04/10/2016$2,000.00
JOHNSTON, ROBERT R04/10/2016$500.00
LUEBKE, RICHARD L04/10/2016$1,000.00
MCGOVERN, THOMAS P04/10/2016$1,000.00
MOORE, ERIC GREGORY04/10/2016$500.00
MUNGER, JOHN F04/10/2016$500.00
RITCHIE, PATSY A04/10/2016$2,500.00
SIMON, NEIL R04/10/2016$500.00
STORM, PRISCILLA [DV]04/10/2016$500.00
STUDLEY, LARRY04/10/20161,000.00
MARQUEZ, EDMUND04/11/2016$500.00
CLEMENTS, JOHN04/12/2016$500.00
COHEN, DAVID04/12/2016$500.00
KELLEY, WILLIAM H [DV]04/12/2016$500.00
MIRALES, OMAR [HSL]04/12/2016$3,000.00
SMITH, STEVEN [JC]04/12/2016$500.00
SPARKS, ERIC04/12/2016$500.00
IRELAND, JOEL04/14/2016$500.00
O’RIELLY, RICHARD B04/16/2016$2,000.00
MACKEY, DON04/24/2016$2,000.00


NANCY NEWMAN01/15/2016$500.00
STEVE NANNINI02/15/2016$1,000.00
JIM CLICK02/19/2016$6,250.00
VICKI CLICK02/19/2016$6,250.00
BONNIE MEHL02/25/2016$6,200.00
DAVID MEHL02/25/2016$6,200.00
PAAVO ENSIO04/28/2016$1,000.00


WARNE, THOMAS04/28/2016$1,500.00
ZUCKERMAN, MEL04/26/2016$1,000.00
SEARS, ALEXANDER04/01/2016$1,000.00
GARRETT, RUSSELL04/06/2016$1,000.00
GUGINO, ROBERT04/06/2016$500.00
OSERAN, DEBORAH04/10/2016$550.00
DIAMOND, DON04/16/2016$5,000.00
DIAMOND, JOAN04/16/2016$5,000.00
BAKER, ALICE04/25/2016$5,000.00
BAKER, PAUL04/25/2016$5,000.00
IRVIN, MARK04/27/2016$500.00


DARCY, SALLY02/24/2016$500.00
GARRETT, RUSSELL03/02/2016$1,000.00
GUGINO, BOB03/02/2016$500.00
MUHR, MARITA03/17/2016$500.00
KATZ, JOEL03/24/2016$1,000.00
WALDEN, NAN STOCKHOLM03/28/2016$1,250.00
WALDEN, RICHARD S03/28/2016$1,250.00
SCHMIDT, TED ALLEN04/11/2016$1,000.00
STEPHENS, ROBERT04/21/2016$2,500.00
GUGINO, BOB04/23/2016$1,000.00
KEMMERLY, CHRIS04/23/2016$1,500.00
TANKERSLEY, JASON04/25/2016$500.00
HECKER, LAWRENCE04/26/2016$1,000.00
MORTON, CATHERENE04/26/2016$1,000.00
ROBERTSON, RODNEY04/29/2016$2,500.00
EVERLOVE, ANNETTE04/01/2016$500.00
GARRETT, RUSSELL04/02/2016$1,000.00
DIAMOND, DONALD04/03/2016$2,500.00
DIAMOND, JOAN B04/03/2016$2,500.00
GOLDSTEIN, DAVID [DV]04/03/2016$2,000.00
KELLEY, WILLIAM [DV]04/03/2016$500.00
KOLODISNER, CHAD [DV]04/03/2016$500.00
MORTIMER, JEANNINE04/03/2016$500.00
THOMSON, FRANK04/03/2016$500.00
THOMSON, ROCHELLE04/03/2016$500.00
WEINBERG, MARK [DV]04/03/2016$500.00
MIRELES, OMAR [HSL]04/06/2016$3,000.00
MALEY-SCHAFFNER, ANNE04/09/2016$500.00
BARNES, DIANA04/11/2016$1,000.00
FRESHWATER, DAVID04/11/2016$1,000.00
TAFT, TRACY04/15/2016$1,000.00
KASSER, I MIKE04/16/2016$1,000.00
BLOCK, KERSTIN04/17/2016$6,250.00
PRICE, RICK04/18/2016$6,250.00
BRAV, GARY04/20/2016$2,000.00
GARRETT, MARY04/20/2016$6,250.00
GARRETT, RUSSELL04/20/2016$4,250.00
JAGGI, G.S.04/20/2016$6,250.00
SAWHNEY, REEMA04/20/2016$6,250.00
TISDALE, WARREN04/20/2016$1,000.00
FITZPATRICK, DIANE04/23/2016$6,250.00
KARBER, ROGER04/23/2016$6,250.00
PETTIS, CHUCK04/24/2016$500.00
GLINES, MICHAEL04/30/2016$1,500.00
HUTCHENS, DAVID04/30/2016$500.00
IRVIN, MARK04/30/2016$500.00
WAHL, KURTIS04/31/2016$2,000.00
SISK, ANDREW04/31/2016$500.00
DIAMOND, DONALD04/31/2016$3,750.00


VARLEY, KADONE07/01/2015$1,000.00
BARTOLETTI, MICHAEL08/16/2015$1,000.00
BARTOLETTI, MICHAEL11/13/2015$500.00
NANNINI, STEVEN02/17/2016$1,000.00
MEHL, BONNIE03/14/2016$6,200.00
MEHL, DAVID03/14/2016$6,200.00
BRENNER, BARNETT S.03/28/2016$750.00
BARTOLETTI, MICHAEL05/03/2016$500.00
HANSEN, ELMER A.05/12/2016$500.00
TANKERSLEY, JASON05/25/2016$500.00
ASSENMACHER, WILLIAM05/31/2016$5,000.00
CLICK, JIM05/31/2016$6,250.00
CLICK, VICKI05/31/2016$6,250.00


PAUL MCCREERY07/29/2015$1,000.00
KELLEY MATTHEWS11/25/2015$500.00
DAVID AND MARY LADD01/13/2016$500.00
DOUG MILLER01/19/2016$1,000.00
KELLEY MATTHEWS01/23/2016$500.00
SHELBY HAWKINS02/03/2016$500.00
STEVEN NANNINI03/04/2016$1,000.00
JEFFREY CESARE04/06/2016$500.00
DOUG MILLER04/27/2016$500.00
E. BUD LEWIS05/11/2016$500.00


EVELYN LATHRAM05/28/2015$1,000.00
JOEL FEINMAN07/23/2015$1,000.00
BICKEL, BRIAN E05/04/2015$1,000.00
GARY JONES04/27/2016$500.00
KENDRICK WILSON04/23/2016$500.00
SANDY GERNER03/07/2016$500.00
MARION WEBER03/18/2016$500.00


MICHAEL E BARTOLETTI05/25/2016$500.00

[JC] Jim Click [DV] (Don) Diamond Ventures


  1. The county is controlled car dealers and developers.
    If Arizona had mandatory Clean Elections for every office at every level, candidates would have to meet and talk with actual voters, not just wealthy donors, who want to be king-makers. We would have a completely different government with Clean Elections. It is obscene that the max donation is $6250 for county supe and $5000 for Legislaure. Best government money can buy.

    • Most likely will get a better deal and the local dealers still have to do the warranty work and they don’t like to do work on cars that other dealers sold. Who cares what they like.

  2. If Christy gets on the board don’t expect much change in the street situation. The car and car repair business aren’t unhappy with roads that destroy cars or at the minimum keep the alignment business booming. It is surprising that Jack Furrier and the Discount Tire folks aren’t on his donor list.

  3. Just remember when and if you buy a new or used car here in Tucson who you are helping to keep the voice of the taxpayer muzzled.
    You know if Hsl properties is donating to a candidate, we gonna get a bs money looser deal shoved up our ashes like Zoro Valley.

  4. Wow, Christy’s list looks like the who’s who of the Pima county movers and shakers. The only name missing is Chuck Huckelberry. One can only hope that the three outsiders will take their seats in January and the county will start to change for the better. Cronies will be out and the taxpayer once again will have a voice at the table. If not, this county will continue to spiral toward the bottom of the toilet and then to the cesspool.

  5. Influence peddlers for the most part, that’s who! To paraphrase somebody ” If you want us to love our county, you need to make our county lovely”.

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