Family Of Pedicone Hit And Run Victim Asks For Public’s Help

Seth (son), Kayla (daughter), David Knowlton

On July 4, 2016 Oro Valley Police Department officers arrested John J. Pedicone for the hit and run collision that left 65 year old David Knowlton on the side of the road clinging to life. Now, Mr. Knowlton’s family is reaching out to the community through a Gofundme page to assist in the cost of what are expected to be astronomical care costs.

The 37-year-old Pedicone fled from the scene to his parents’ home in a black 2010 Nissan Cube with a smashed in windshield and considerable damage to the body.

The damage to Mr. Knowlton’s body is extensive. Mr. Knowlton, who was on his morning walk, a routine he started in an effort to maintain his health through his battle with Multiple Sclerosis (National MS Society ), according to his family. His family reports on the Gofundme page:

Shortly after this hit-and-run incident, he was trasnsported to Banner University Medical Center in Tucson, AZ where he was immediately admitted into a 7-hour surgery.  Dad suffered from multiple, severe injuries to his spine.  He had fractures to his C2 and a complete break to his T4 vertebrae, a broken right clavicle and fractured right scapula (Information about spinal injuries ).  Dad also suffered from severe chest trauma including broken ribs that required chest tubes bilaterally (Information about this procedure ).  As a result of the impact and surgery, his T2-T7 (thoracic area of the back) vertabrae  are now fused together by an abundance of hardware.  At this point, aside from small, retractive movements from hard pressure on the nailbed of his toe(s), there is no sensation in the lower half of his body.”

His family reports that Mr. Knowlton “has been medically retired from his passion of carpentry for a matter of years now. Daughter Kayla told the ADI in an email, “”My father was grateful for the use of his legs as many MS victims become wheelchair-bound. He moved to Tucson not only to be around his grandkids (and son – my brother), but to find weather that was more suitable for his condition. For the past year and a half he took his routine, morning walk, enjoying his independence. His back is now fused and he has most likely lost his capacity to use the lower half of his body. With extensive damage to his lungs as well, this is our focus to progress his situation. We have not been able to speak with him. He remains in critical condition in the ICU and will remain here until further notice. Considering his MS, this will be a very long road to “recovery.”

“Your help would be humbly and greatly appreciated because WE LOVE OUR FATHER,” reads the Gofundme page. If you can help the family visit the page here.

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