Pima County’s Pampered Supes Enjoy Good Life

Bronson will never have to deal with pesky gas pumps [Redactions by ADI]
Bronson will never have to deal with pesky gas pumps [Redactions by ADI]
While the residents of the eighth poorest metropolitan area make tough choices between buying fuel for their vehicle or feeding their kids, their elected representatives on the Pima County Board of Supervisors make lunch plans. A quick review of emails and calendars requested by the ADI shows pampered supervisors who talk of equity but enjoy the benefits of wealth and power.

A small sample of Ray Carrolll's grueling schedule
A small sample of Ray Carrolll’s grueling schedule

From having talking points prepared by staff, to having vehicles washed and fueled, with time to spare for the gym, some members of the Board are catered to in a style rarely even afforded executives in the community’s larger corporations. At the same time, County supervisors are trying to sell regressive sales and fuels taxes that will impact the poorest residents the most.

Whether it is hobnobbing with Jim Click, or having the Communications Director Mark Evans arrange for media events to highlight the little that they do, the supervisors use their power to maintain it.

As an example, Supervisor Ray Carroll is set to retire. The short-timer’s attitude is reflected in his calendar which any one percenter would envy. Other than 2 hours a week set aside for staff meetings and occasional Board meetings, considerable time set aside for the gym in the otherwise mostly ceremonial schedule.

Arizona statute provides, for supervisors in counties with over 500,000 residents, a salary of over $76,000. That is chump change compared to Huckelberry’s swollen $320,000 a year salary, but considering the fact that he actually works at shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic, and the supervisors merely runaround telling everyone that the ship only hit the tip and everything will be just swell, the arrangement seems fair.

In fairness, some of the supervisors run around and others like Supervisor Ramon Valadez can’t be bothered because he is too busy playing video games.

While their staff members seem to do most of the work, their metadata indicates that they have a great deal of time in the day for shopping and surfing. One of Bronson staff members visited the etsy.com shopping website over 37,000 times and appears to spend a great deal of time looking for the great deals offered by Groupon.

We know these things because, contrary to Carroll’s claims that data was scrubbed in the case of Supervisor Ally Miller’s young staffer, Tim DesJarlais, the County IT Department appears to keep meticulous records of internet activity.

Taxpayers would expect more, if they had any idea just how little work they actually get for their money. Although there appears to be true professionals working in the County’s ranks, few of those who can pull rank deserve it.

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  1. Is it just me or does gavel Bronson look really ill or sick.—just saying

    Actually the more I think about it, she should be sicker than a dog the way she has treated the tax payer and pima county all these years.

    Bye bye Bronson and try to not fall on your gavel little miss arrogant

  2. I’d like ADI to foia Sheriff Dupniks calendar for his final three or four years of “work”. Let’s prove the fraud. I know he would never be prosecuted here, but for goodness sake, don’t make me pay this guy a six figure pension for the rest of his life!

  3. Does anybody know the Pima County Website? I Googled it and didn’t any prove for the website. It use to exist but now it appears to be gone.

  4. I’m pretty sure I would rather they spend their days screwing off than actually doing something that will affect the people who live and work here.

  5. Bronson can’t use GPS or a map to get herself to a county event? Does she have staff peppering her salad at lunchtime?

    Reminds me of a Democratic presidential nominee who doesn’t know how to use a fax machine and needs someone to order her an ice tea.

    Sadly, voters trusted these Supervisors to make good decisions in spending our tax dollars. The power and self-importance has gone to most of their heads.

    It’d be nice to have a laugh at Bronson’s incompetence on basic life skills but she has the last laugh because she got elected.

    It’s long past time for her to gas up her own car with her own money, and find her own way through the potholes like all the rest of us lowly people.

    Keep Ally, the rest need to go!

  6. Maybe Ray Carroll is the one stealing all of Closen’s signs in Green Valley and replacing them with Christy signs. Christy is learning well from Ray it seems but then they’ve know each other for a long time. Both members of the “IN” crowd. Another bought & paid for supervisor. Look at Christy’s list of donors. If you see someone taking Marla’s signs get a photo and report to police. Christy is just another one of the good old boys. I want my county back with fresh eyes and NO connections to the ruling elite of Pima County.

  7. Now I understand why ray carroll was never available to meet with me. $76000.00 TO SIT ON HIS ASS ALL DAY. BYE BYE RAY.

  8. Scathing report. When the Arizona Legislature raised the max campaign donation for county supervisors to $6250, they opened the door wide to big money control over local elections. (Go back and look at the campaign donations next time a bond issue is floated.) I think all local elections should be mandatory Clean Elections because that system forces candidates to interact with real people– not just the 1%. Our current system encourages candidates to rake in the maximum amount of cash– regardless of the source. Incumbents carry forward large war chests from previous elections to intimidate challengers; this practice is particularly evident in the AZ Legislature. We won’t get our democracy back until we end Citizens United and get big money out of elections. Arizona and the U.S. seriously need campaign finance reform.

  9. If you go to just one BOS meeting you will see their superior attitude as they sit up there and look down on their peons, I’m so sick of their “do as I say, not as I do” attitude. Before they chased away professional baseball I remember Ray Carroll getting ****faced at the ball park and then climbing into his county supplied take home car and driving off. This is our year to dump the incumbents (except Ally) and get a fresh start to a better County government. The S.O. needs a flush also, Terry Staten can pull the chain and make the turds go away.

  10. Thanks for your expose’ but here’s a tip ADI. Taxpayers have a very good idea and are well aware of what little we get for our tax dollars. The so-called appearance of true professionals? That was gone along time ago. How about a story on how much work and the cost of the work that is being outsourced to consultants and private contractors by these professionals. Why should we have to pay twice? Why not hire the people that can do the job they’re hired to do in-house? We don’t need “delegators” or butlers and maids for Supervisors. All this wasted tax money could be going for our roads, drainage and safer crossings for our kids. I’m thankful that Ally Miller is working ‘unafraid’ towards changing the way things are.

  11. Please do a public records request of websites visited for all employees. The number of county employees and time spent crusing the internet all day is staggering.

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