Biggs Falls, Jones Surges Into CD5 Race Lead

Christine Jones [Photo from Facebook]

Rep. Kelly Townsend has been outspoken about Biggs’ bullying

Andy Biggs bullying ways have finally caught up with him and now outsider Christine Jones has surged into the lead in Arizona’s 5th Congressional District race. With only two weeks until early voting begins for the primary election, Biggs is not winning new friends.

In a survey conducted on July 19 of 408 likely Republican primary voters, undecided voters have dropped 26 percentage points since the last poll conducated on June 2. Despite the competition seen in the June 2 poll, the race has tightened up and Christine Jones now sits atop of the respective Republican field, ahead her nearest competitor by 7 percentage points.

*May not equal 100% due to rounding
*May not equal 100% due to rounding

“Within the last seven weeks Christine Jones came from almost last place to now leading one of the most sought-after congressional seats in the country,” Mike Noble, Pollster & Managing Partner of OH Predictive Insights, said. “This is an election cycle unlike any other and Christine Jones is a perfect example of why this cycle may be forever referred to as, ‘The Year of the Outsider.’”

“When it comes to the battle of the faith vote Andy Biggs and Don Stapley garned just over half of the LDS demographic.  Christine Jones made significant improvement in the other non-LDS religious communities,” Noble added.

AZ 5th Congressional – 2016 GOP Primary July 2 July 19 % Change
Christine Jones7%26%+19%
Andy Biggs 21% 19% -2%
Don Stapley 10% 15% +5%
Justin Olson 5% 9% +4%
Unsure/Undecided 57% 31% -26%


  1. Well, when you stomp on people on your way up the ladder and then trample all over them while having a position of power; it doesn’t make for goodwill among your peers. Don’t worry Mr. Biggs; the people will be nicer than you were as they are climbing past you as you are falling down that ladder.

  2. Kelly Townsend is the state representative in LD16, CD 5 is within this LD. Biggs has a long four year history of stalling and etc Kelly’s bills. He openly attacked her at the LD16 meeting, she was there and unable to defend herself against his attacks. The chairman of LD16 should have shut down Biggs once he started attacking Rep. Townsend but didn’t

  3. Go Christine. She’s the kind of person that Trump needs in office to get things rolling. Go Christine.

  4. Paul,
    I don’t think there is any error there. Kelli Ward would have no reason to chime in on this race. I am pretty sure that is Kelly Townsend’s Tweet.

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