Lightning Strike Causes Tucson House Fire

A lightning strike caused a house fire in the 10100 block of East Karen Place with the resident hearing a huge thunder clap followed by the smell of smoke a short time later. The resident heard a huge thunder clap and lost power in his home though power immediately came back on.

He went to bed a short time later but smelled smoke at some point and investigated where it was coming from. He went outside and saw flames coming from eaves of the roof area. He grabbed a green hose and tried to extinguish the fire while multiple calls were made to 9-1-1 from neighbors reporting smoke from the home.

The first crew arrived on scene and still had smoke coming from the eaves. They put a ladder up and went to the roof to search for the source as additional crews went inside the home to search as well. The crew on the roof was able to open up the roof and extinguish any remaining flames. The interior crews were able to pull down the drywall on the ceiling to expose the wood roof which was heavily charred. Thermal imaging cameras were used to ensure the fire was completely out.

Fans were used to evacuate the residual smoke once the fire was extinguished. Nine units and twenty-three firefighters responded to the scene and controlled the fire thirty-five minutes after arriving. There were no injuries to fire fighters. The resident was going to stay with neighbors and did not need assistance from Red Cross.

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