Will Shill For Pima Supe

This year’s races for Pima County Supervisor reek of the fetid stench of sordid desperation. Chuck Huckelberry is one of the highest-paid administrators of any county in the United States, and the dollar figure of his exorbitant and luxurious salary does not include the value of the privilege his graft gains him.

In the private sector, a manager sensing rising heat and pressure on his job would redouble his efforts, clean up his act, and increase production. In the private sector, managers never have opportunity to select their cronies as new bosses by assisting in the campaigns of sham candidates. In the private sector, failing managers cannot save their jobs by replacing their supervisors.

In Chuck Huckelberry’s public sector, enter the shills.

We have covered the sham candidate running in the primary against the incumbent in District 1 at length. But District 4 also plays into the master plan of desperation vital to Huckelberry’s self-preservation. Ray Carroll has been the rubber stamp for the Huckelberry/Bronson agenda in District 4 for nearly 20 years, having assumed the mantle of Republican but been nominated to the Board by Democrats Dan Eckstrom, Sharon Bronson, and–damingly–Raúl Grijalva. Yes, the same Raúl Grijalva who now denigrates our fine State from the United States House of Representatives helped usher Ray Carroll onto the Board.

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In almost twenty years, what have District 4 residents gained from this flaccid representation? Vail has potholes as cavernous as the rest of the county, in spite of Carroll forcibly reallocating road funds from District 1. The speed limit on La Cañada in Green Valley has been lowered from 40 to 35mph. What else do we have to show for Carroll’s tenure?

Considering that Carroll received the Grijalva seal of approval on his induction to the Board, considering his shameful and spiteful games in the past term, considering his deplorable voting record–even planning to cede County authority to federal legislators–no voter in Pima County should trust a word he says, especially as he has nothing to lose on his way out.

And Ray Carroll wants you to know how much he supports his dear friend Steve Christy.

Had Christy been a legitimate candidate embracing true conservative values–or any values, for that matter–he would have publicly and politely thanked Carroll for his endorsement, and gracefully declined it. Christy should have distanced himself from Carroll to avoid the devastating and irrevocable taint of Carroll cronyism. Steve Christy is so tainted.

Startlingly, we have learned, that stain long predates Carroll’s announcement of his retirement and endorsement of Christy. The Arizona Daily Independent issued FOIA requests for email from the County. In the message threads we have processed thus far, we have discovered no less than five that show Christy has been begging Huckelberry, Bronson, and Carroll for a job for multiple years.

Steve Christy is not a legitimate, independent candidate for Board of Supervisors. Steve Christy is just another establishment shill, eager to do the will of the Huckelberry/Bronson waste machine for his own chance at the crony kickback brass ring. His zeal for Pima County malfeasance is strong enough to lure him back to the county from his new digs in San Diego.

Just like the other sham candidate in this year’s supervisor races, Christy’s campaign ads paint him as the only solid choice for his district. And just like the other sham candidate, the email exchanges with Chuck Huckelberry prove the exact opposite. As in District 1, Christy is running a surprisingly well-funded campaign with an aggressiveness that defies reason. His campaign exudes a desperate tone.

Christy will shill for Supe, so a vote for him is a vote to keep Huckelberry in power. District 4, don’t waste your vote on this rubber stamp. You have legitimate options in the primary, and Steve Christy is not a legitimate option.