One Man Stood Out Amid Milwaukee Destruction

Quinlan Bishop

In the wake of violent protest in Milwaukee, one man, Quinlan Bishop, captured the nation’s attention. Bishop’s interview with Fox 6’s Brad Hicks in front of a destroyed gas station in Sherman Park went viral and began a national conversation.

His message is simple. “We have to choose between right and wrong,” Bishop told popular radio show host James T. Harris last week.

Listen to the interview here

“I can understand that things will happen to us every day of our lives… but we do have a choice if we’re going to react right or if we’re going to react wrong,” said Bishop referring to the protest. “If there was an agenda, it wasn’t a positive one, because nothing positive can come from destruction.”

The destruction Bishop refers to includes burning cars and buildings, attacks on police and media, and even murders. The rioting and destruction was so severe that Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke recommended that the national guard be sent in to intervene.

Bishop describes himself as a “Humble servant of the Lord” and has taken to social media to condemn violence. He is an advocate for peaceful negotiation to solve the problems in his community. He uses the hashtag #QBSpeaks when speaking or writing.

The most recent post from Bishop reads: “People, stop labeling human beings as animals because they behave in a manner that you don’t agree with. We don’t know what they may be dealing with. Pray for them. They need it. Misguided souls are what they are. Help them…” By posting this and other posts advocating non-violence, Bishop hopes that he can make his community a more peaceful and productive one.