Hollywood Comes To Tempe

Entertainment Partners (EP), the leading global end-to-end provider of payroll and production management services for all aspects of the entertainment industry based in Burbank, California, announced the opening of a new technology office in Tempe.

The Tempe office represents a turning point for the company, as it pursues a technology-driven mission to modernize back office production in television and film. Greater Phoenix’s rapidly growing technology sector and large, skilled workforce were major draws for the company, as were the region’s high quality of life and close proximity to major West Coast markets. Entertainment Partners worked with the city of Tempe and the Greater Phoenix Economic Council in selecting Greater Phoenix for its newest office.

“Entertainment Partners is proud to support the dynamic entertainment industry,” said Mark Goldstein, president and CEO of Entertainment Partners. “We are on a mission to help modernize its back office processes and are on an aggressive track to achieve this. When we found ourselves in need of a location to house a new team, we wondered where we could find top technology talent, favorable operating costs, and an affordable lifestyle and vibrant culture. The Greater Phoenix area proved to have all of this and more, so we are very excited to bring Hollywood to Tempe.”

Located at Hayden Station at 51 W. 3rd St., the Tempe office will host an Entertainment Partners technology team and be responsible for key components of the company’s payroll, accounting and workflow management products.

“While they don’t give Oscars for best software engineer, it seems even Hollywood knows that Tempe is the place to come for top technology talent,” said Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell. “It makes sense that an innovative company like Entertainment Partners would open a technology office in Tempe. We welcome them to Tempe.”

“Entertainment Partners’ forward-thinking, technology-based approach to managing back-end film and television production will enrich the region’s economy and provide new opportunities for our workforce,” said Chris Camacho, president and CEO of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council. “Mayor Mitchell and his team have done a tremendous job of showcasing the city of Tempe as a place for innovative companies to expand and grow. Entertainment Partners joins a growing list of companies who have recognized this, and we welcome them to the Greater Phoenix region.”
For more information about Entertainment Partners, please visit www.ep.com.