How To Steal A Pima County Primary

Somehow, there are two parties in the Republican primary for Pima County Supervisor this year: The Ray Carroll, John Winchester, Steve Christy limp-wristed, rubber-stamp, ineffective, bought-and-paid-for, worthless pseudo-Republican party; and the Ally Miller, Marla Closen, John Backer fiscal-responsibility, truth-exposing, tough-fighting, independent, conservative Republican party. Two parties, one conflated ballot.

John Winchester has spewed lie after filthy lie all throughout his weak, amateurish campaign. He hasn’t been honest about Ally Miller, he hasn’t been honest about his ties to Chuck Huckelberry and the rest of the cabal that controls the Board, and he hasn’t been honest about himself. Any voter in District 1 with a whit of sense and an attention span longer than that of a gnat will cast a ballot for Ally Miller.

Steve Christy claims he will never let you down as he paints a picture of a bucolic Tucson that never actually existed, in flowery commercials that seem to float along in a hallucinogen-induced dream. His email history, however, tells the story of his fantasies of working for Huckelberry and Sharon Bronson for years. District 4 voters can vote in Ray Carroll’s heir apparent, or can vote for candidates who have no ties to the masters of malfeasance who have long had this county by the short hairs.

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But both Christy and Winchester have chances to pull out victories in Tuesday’s primary:
District 4 is a three-way race between Christy, Closen, and Backer. It is conceivable that Backer and Closen could split the pro-transparency vote and each take too few votes to beat Christy. That tragedy would be Christy’s cleanest path to a victory for Huckelberry and Bronson. That tragedy would be an exercise in arithmetic, though, and the same equation could turn in favor of the Pima County taxpayer: If the general sentiment of District 4 against the non-leaders of the county allows Backer and Closen to split 80% of the vote, leaving Christy with 20%, the math will, one way or the other, see a defender of the people restoring trust to the seat Ray Carroll has shamelessly and wholly debased.

The correct approach for District 4 is for Backer and Closen voters to turn out the vote, and for the underinformed and deceived few who might vote for Christy to stay home in droves.

District 1 is a head-to-head battle between John Winchester–a compulsive liar with clear aspirations to mimic Hillary Clinton and a tactless campaign style informed by John McCain’s latest travesty–and Ally Miller–the first Supervisor in decades to put up a fight on behalf of her constituents. Winchester’s handlers have run his campaign in an utterly amateurish and childish manner that is beneath the electorate. But Winchester and his handlers have low friends in high places, in the form of Huckelberry, Bronson, lobbyist Racy, and others. One wonders if those friends extend into the ballot counting rooms, and if the legitimate, tough-fighting Republican party will have a representative overseeing the vote count.

The correct approach for District 1 is for Miller voters to overwhelmingly and decisively cast ballots for fiscal responsibility, and to demand appropriate oversight of the ballot counts.

(Note that the count in District 4 could also succumb to the same vote count shenanigans Pima County has seen in the past.)

Tuesday has the potential to wrest our county from the spindly, sinewy grasp of the most corrupt government this side of Chicago, or to subject our home to the continuing suppression and malfeasance of the Huckelberry-Bronson brand of hell.

Talk to your neighbors, and talk to them now. This one matters.

Miller, Backer, Closen. And then we survive to fight for the general election in November.