Miller Takes Early Lead – Pima County Race Results

In the Republican Primary race for Pima County Board of Supervisors District 1 Ally Miller has taken the early lead against challenger John Winchester.

Winchester moved into the District specifically to target Miller on behalf of those hoping to maintain the corrupt status quo. Miller has acted as the watchdog on the Board; exposing many questionable deals by the County Administrator with the consent of the Board majority.

Pima County Board of Supervisors District 1 (REP)

MILLER, ALLY1381857%
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  1. The Lose-Chester signs are already coming down. He picked the wrong candidate to run against.

  2. Remember, Christie said he would vote to get rid of Huckleberry. Let’s wait and see how HONORABLE he is and if he keeps his promises,or did he have his fingers crossed when he made those PROMISES.

  3. How utterly sad that Ally will basically have no help. Seems as if Christy and Huckelbery are hand and hand now and the taxpayers will still take it in the shorts no matter what Bronson does. The cronies won again and Huckelberry will survive to screw us and raise taxes next year. There will be another bond issue next year because people are so stupid and the new board will take advantage of that. I sincerely can’t believe that the voters of D4 are that stupid and not do any research on Christie. How pathetic. This one just about made up my mind where I want to go when I finally retire and it won’t be Pima County.

  4. Go Ally go!
    I guess Mr. Winchester can go back home now, to his real home outside of district 1.
    How he didn’t sign the lease thru Nov?

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