Arizona Recreational Marijuana Ballot Measure Still Underwater

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This November, Recreational Marijuana will be on the ballot, which will be one of the more controversial issues Arizona voters will face. As of early September, the “Yes” vote still has an up-hill battle, according to a recent poll conducted by leading behavior research polling company, OH Predictive Insights.

In a survey of 728 likely Democrat, Republican, Independent and Non-Declared voters across Arizona based on projected 2016 general election turnout, legalizing recreational marijuana is still underwater by 11 points. OH Predictive Insights polled this exact same question and issue on June 20, 2016, with similar results. The company again polled on the issue, including insight from live callers to hit younger demographics and cell phone users.

Voters in at least five states will decide whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use this November. Ballot initiatives on the question are set to appear in front of voters in Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada this year. Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington state have already legalized recreational usage, as well as medical marijuana for adults.

2016 Arizona General Election
June 20, 2016 Results
Aug 24-27, 2016 Results

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“As of right now, the pro side is down 14 points with females, tied with Independents 45/45 and losing Republicans by two-thirds,” Mike Noble, managing partner of OH Predictive Insights and chief pollster, said. “It is interesting to point out that for every voter who pulls the lever for Donald Trump this November has a 72 percent likelihood they will vote ‘No’ on legalizing recreational Marijuana. Conversely, Hillary Clinton voters have a 57 percent likelihood of voting ‘Yes’ on legalizing recreational Marijuana.”

“Presidential turnout will be a key factor on whether or not pot gets legalized in Arizona,” Noble said.  “If you see Hillary and Bob Marley on the same campaign T-shirt this year, that is your clue you are in Arizona.”


  1. I am not in favor of smoking marijuana. But I don’t think it’s the government business to tell a consenting adult that they can drink alcohol, take opiates with a doctor’s prescription, and murder your unborn child but they can’t smoke a joint. Give me a break.
    Regardless of the legality of this plant, people smoke it. They are getting ti from the drug cartels, and it is non-taxed or worse yet not really studied to verify the effects on the body.
    I think it should be legalized, regulated and taxed.

  2. Don’t care how Arizona votes, I will take my vacation dollars to Colo!
    Or maybe Cal, or Or., or?
    Won’t spend it here!

    • There’s your sign,

      you can’t be a property owner with that attitude about voters.

      If you are, wow

      Toke up dude, load up the wife and kids and have a nice high trip to potville Colorado

  3. Our dead brained voter/non voters in southern az don’t need any more crap to make em dumber than they already are.

    Texting while driving high, oh yeah, say drive into the haboobs sitting on your hands with the cruise control set at 90

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