Teachers Shave Heads: Funds For Student With Leukemia Exceed Goal

Magma Ranch K-8 Student Council Advisors Ms. Michelle Nord and Ms. Anita Sorensen challenged the students at Magma to raise $2,500 during the month of September for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The money would be raised for Team Kaylee in support of Kaylee Moreno, a student who was diagnosed with Leukemia last year. All of the money raised would be donated to the family to help with medical expenses.

If the students reached the goal, the teachers would shave their heads. If $3,000 was raised, Mr. Lopez, Principal at Magma, would get a yellow ribbon colored into the back of his hair and Mr. Eric Campbell, Campus Monitor, would also shave his head. On September 23rd, the school celebrated a pep assembly where over $5,800 had already been raised and the teachers shaved their heads in front of the entire school and special guest, Kaylee Moreno.

Mr. Scott Smith with Relay for Life, Mr. Lupe Garcia from Jesus Died for U Ministries, representatives from the Correction Corporation of America (CCA) in Florence and their FCC Community Activities Team attended the assembly at Magma Ranch K-8 to also present funds they raised. CCA provided the family with a check for $3,285.00 that was collected in a little over a week. Mr. Garcia and his parish raised $1,000 but offered $700 more when Mr. Pat Barton, Mr. Jeff Tidd, Mr. Nate Kievert, Mr. Nick Tessari, Jayden Harmon, and Peyton Langeheine stepped forward to also participate.

Magma Ranch Principal, Eddie Lopez said, “At Magma Ranch one of our mottos is “Family – Community – School – Mustangs United For Success” and we have so many people that made this experience possible. Community members, teachers, students, parents, staff and local organizations united together to support our own during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Thank you everyone for all your support and loving kindness for such a great cause.”

Dr. Amy Fuller stated, “The Magma Ranch Community has a strong bond with Magma Ranch K-8. This event was a testament to the strength of a community to come together to support another family in need.”