Day, Baker, Cox Golder Jilt Amphi Teachers At AEA Forum

On September 24, the Amphitheater Education Association (AEA) held is first School Board candidate forum, and out of five people running, only two showed up, Mick Stewart and Julie Cozad. Incumbent Deanna Day, Scott Baker, and Vicki Cox Golder, who are running together as a team, choose not to the District’s teachers.

Stewart and Cozad were asked questions ranging from their opinion on Common Core, the A-F school ratings, as well as inclusion of special needs students, and the gifted program. Other questions included how they felt about parents being able to opt out of high-stakes testing and teacher’s trust in the District’s administration.

Answers ranged widely between the two who appeared, but there was also agreement between them as well. Common Core was one, with Cozad and Stewart agreeing that all parents must take the time to read the Standards revisions and provide input to our State Board of Education.

When it came to local issues, they differed on how the superintendent should be evaluated. Cozad suggested that the superintendent should have the autonomy to do what he needs to do to run the District. Stewart wants the board to provide active oversight of the District’s administration. He stated that he wants the constituents (teachers, parents and tax payers) of the District, to be allowed to provide input to the Board on how well the superintendent is doing as part of his evaluation.

Cozad and Stewart also shared their concerns about the 3 missing candidates. “It is very concerning that the other three who are running did not show up for the first debate of the election season for the District,” stated Cozad, who also indicated that she was concerned that the three running as a team would not think independently if elected to the Board. Stewart shared that he thought the Education Association members deserve the respect and the time to ask questions of those who will make decisions for the district.

The next Public forum sponsored by the Amphi Education Association will be November 5th at 2:15pm at the Nanini Library. The Public is invited.