Arizona Drivers Can Get Replacement Social Security Cards Online

A driver license verification program used by the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division now makes it possible to request Social Security card replacements online through the Social Security website. MVD has aligned with the nonprofit American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators to offer the Driver License Data Verification service.

The electronic system verifies a person’s driver license or ID card attributes such as name, address, birthdate, license expiration date and eye color, then confirms their validity to whichever entity is making the request.

Arizona is among 15 states and the District of Columbia offering online Social Security card replacement service through the Social Security Administration website at Arizona driver license holders can create an account on this site and follow the procedure to get a replacement card, avoiding a trip to a Social Security Administration office.

The secure data-verification process should streamline the current process used by banks, retailers and government agencies for verifying a person’s identity. When someone applies for a bank loan or makes a major purchase, this electronic system eliminates paperwork that may takes days to process by moving that secure process online.

This is done in real time, which means information can be verified more rapidly and while the customer is present. Once the procedure is complete, the participating entity will be told if the ID attributes match or if there is a problem. The data is held only for the amount of time needed to process the verification.

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