Chandler To Grab Revenue With New Traffic Cameras

As hard as Arizona lawmakers tried to protect the public from cities intent on making money the cheap way, on Saturday, October 1, 2016, photo enforcement cameras will return to Chandler intersections.

The cameras will be located at Alma School Road and Queen Creek Road, along with the intersection at Ray Road and Rural Road, will be activated. The Alma School/Queen Creek intersection will be monitored by photo enforcement cameras at the approaches for westbound and southbound traffic. The Ray/Rural intersection will be monitored by photo enforcement cameras for eastbound traffic.

Beginning October 1, 2016, violators captured on the photo enforcement cameras at these two intersections will receive a warning in the mail for their respective violations. Warnings will continue at these two intersections through October 30, 2016. On October 31, 2016, the photo enforcement cameras at these two intersections will be in full operation, and citations will be generated for speeding and red light violations.

Both intersections had photo enforcement cameras for the same approaches under the City’s prior photo enforcement contractor. This re-activation is under the City’s new photo enforcement vendor, American Traffic Solutions.

In all, a total of nine Chandler intersections are monitored with photo enforcement cameras. All of these intersections are monitored for red light violations and speeding violations. The other seven intersections became fully operational on June 20, 2016, and are listed below:

  • Eastbound Ray Road at Alma School Road
  • Westbound Warner Road at Alma School Road
  • Southbound Alma School Road at Warner Road
  • Westbound Chandler Boulevard at Kyrene Road
  • Southbound McClintock Drive at Ray Road
  • Eastbound Ray Road at McClintock Drive
  • Westbound Chandler Boulevard at Dobson Road


  1. Hitler, Stalin, Marx and Mussolini would have loved to have this SPYING on citizens technology in their time.

    This whole spying thing was just supposed to be for “red light runner’s” and has morphed into speeders and who knows what else. It has always been about Revenue Enhancement and denying your Constitutional RIGHT to face your accuser and question them/it.

  2. … and why haven’t the ones in TUCSON been TAKEN DOWN! Remove them from the intersections – make them into scrap metal – get the visual pollution out of this city and off city property! These things are just waiting to be turned back on is why. Who cares what the voters say, just leave them there for a later date… oh we need them, oh we need money, click on go the old SOB’ish’s – get rid of them down to scrap metal – get them off the posts and posts out of the intersection ground – GONE.

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