Man Shot After Shooting, Wounding Willcox Police Officer

On Thursday September 29, 2016 at approximately 8:22 pm, the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office responded to an officer involved shooting in Willcox of a Willcox Police Department officer.

According to the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office, a Willcox Police Department officer saw a vehicle travelling without headlights and attempted to conduct a traffic stop. The vehicle did stop and the driver got out of the car and approached the officer, before getting back into his car and leaving the area. The Officer attempted to stop the vehicle again at which time a chase ensued.

A second Willcox Police Department unit joined in the pursuit before the vehicle parked at a residence in Willcox. The driver got out of the vehicle a second time and pointed a handgun at one of the officers, firing one time before both officers returned fire.

The first officer was struck in the upper chest area and his ballistic vest deflected the round up towards his collar bone. The officer was transported to a Cochise County Hospital for treatment of a minor wound.

The suspect, an unnamed 69 year old Willcox man, was transported to a Tucson hospital for treatment of what appears to be non-life threatening injuries.

Both Willcox Police Department officers have been placed on paid administrative leave according to policy and will remain on leave pending the conclusion of this investigation.


  1. The national media doesn’t care about this or any other time a cop is shot, however had the gunman been an American of African descent,……
    It just doesn’t fit their agenda driven reporting of the “facts”…..
    The media is in bed with the one world view crowd. Similar to how almost every vehicle accident involves an suv, every gun owner is a right wing nut, anyone who attends church is a Christian zealot.
    No, two cops taking gun fire and protecting their home town citizens will never be mentioned, it’s not need worthy to the cause….
    I’m sure the good folks of Wilcox will hold judgement until all the facts are known before they decide not to loot, rape, plunder and burn their town down, on wait that only happens in predominately non white parts of the country.


  2. I am curious as to why I have not seen anything about this shooting being covered all day by all of the National Media, and making the wounded officer out to be the Bad Guy for defending himself and possibly others from the perpetrator.

    Also curious as to why there are no “riots, looting and act’s of arson” taking place, and why obummer has not called for a “full investigation” into if the person’s, “civil right’s”, were violated.

  3. This is probably the biggest thing to hit Wilcox since I-10.
    I’m glad to hear that the wounded officer is recovering.


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