Marshall could not provide the number of voters the group has registered before the publication deadline, but he said in a text message he was pleased with the numbers, but the group still has a lot of “hard work” before the Oct. 10 registration deadline.To register voters, the club sets up tables on campus and launched an “aggressive” social media presence to draw members in, Marshall said. The group focuses on recruiting minority voters. Members also man phone banks for the party.“The Latino vote is paramount,” Marshall said. “We want to make sure as many Latino students raise their voice as possible and have a say in the way our country is going”“People recognize the gravity of this election, they recognize the consequences for what a Trump presidency would mean for students and the atrocious things he proposed for Latino community,” Marshall said.

“Making sure students are engaged is our ultimate goal,” Marshall said. “Making sure the student voice is heard whether it’s Democrat or Republican.”

Fodor, the ASU student Democrat who recruits voters on campus, said she was driven into her political activism after seeing her mother battle unequal pay and gender discrimination as a teacher in a private school in Arizona.

“I can’t fathom how we live in the 21st century in a country that claims to be the greatest on Earth but still have this happening on a day-to-day basis,” Fodor said.

Fodor said her interest in politics revolves around health-care inequality, employment and women’s rights.

She said she wants to help others who have “stunted” opportunities to reach their full potential.