Carmona Describes Pima County Sheriff Department Distrust, Cronyism

A weight was lifted off Pima County Sheriff’s personnel when Dr. Richard Carmona took to the podium at Thursday’s press conference at the Viscount Hotel. Across Pima County and across the ranks, men and women, who have experienced a hostile work environment under Sheriff Chris Nanos were given a voice by Carmona.

Carmona flanked by members of the Pima County Deputy Sheriffs Association, the Pima County Correction Officers Association, and the Tucson Police Officers Association described an oppressive work environment filled with distrust and cronyism.

One member of the staff said after the press conference, “We’ve been dealing with their shit for years, now the public can finally know.” Because of the vindictive nature of Nanos, anonymity is still sought by staff, which have no confidence they will be spared until the FBI finally takes action.

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Still, Carmona’s appearance, and fearless approach on Thursday gave staff hope that at least the people of Pima County have a glimpse into what Carmona said was Nanos’ reprehensible behavior.”

That behavior has included everything from veiled threats to outright retaliation through demotions and reassignments.

Morale in the Department is low among most employees as they see favored secretaries making over $80,000 a year, while some deputies make just enough to qualify for food stamps.

All the while, Nanos blames the current corrupted culture as one that he walked into and has promised change. He has done this at the same time, his predecessor, Sheriff Dupnik, defends both the culture and Nanos.

Sheriff’s personnel have waited patiently for the FBI to act, but with the highly questionable circumstances surrounding the investigation of Chief Deputy Brad Gagnepain’s suicide, they had started to lose hope. When Nanos interfered with the “Mansions Parties” investigation, most of their hope that integrity could return was destroyed.

Deputies believe that Carmona’s strong presence on Thursday will weigh on the public, and the public will begin demanding answers.

The FBI is reportedly investigating the illegal use of RICO funds.

Referring to the personnel surrounding him, Carmona said, “They took off their uniforms, put on their union clothes and they basically showed up knowing that retribution and harm could come to them. But you know what they realize now – that they can’t cause retribution or harm to all of us.”

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  1. Where are all the regular commentators?
    This is news ! ! !

  2. The Oracle of Tucson | October 7, 2016 at 12:41 am |

    Why Carmona? He’s a snake in the grass, so it begs to ask, what’s in it for him?


  3. Couldn’t that have found someone better than Carmona? He basically has no credibility even though most of the stuff he said is true. It would have been much better coming from the union president, etc. Hopefully even with Carmona, most thinking voters know that Nanos is a POS and will vote for anyone but him. Its way past time to start cleaning house in Pima County. Aren’t you tired of the roads, building balloon spaceports, charter schools in other states and counties, giving cronies the taxpayers dollars, county employees being treated like dogs and the best one is that we have highest property taxes and bond indebtedness in the state. Isn’t it time for a change in leadership just to see what might happen???

    • Luvin' IT!! | October 8, 2016 at 12:53 am |

      The deputies have been begging the media to listen to their story for more than 6 months and no one would pay attention. How you feel about Dr. Carmona is beside the point, when he was asked to stand up and help his “family”, he did so without hesitation. That is the mark of a true leader!!

    • jdfast:

      The reason that Carmona has credibility
      on this is that he is a liberal.

      As you know; the standard operating
      procedure for the Democrats in Southern
      Arizona is to band together to stick it to
      the voters.

  4. Cops lives matter.. interesting that this came from Carmona – still hanging around the cop shop – dirty harry ? Stuff he said – ok – is it a surprise – the all in “the family” does not stop at the cop shop, it’s city wide.

  5. I said it to his face at a BOS meeting discussing the budget and I will say it again, even to his face again: Sherriff Nanos is a bully. I went to South-East Asia for the Vietnam War and the Viet Cong never intimidated me, and he won’t either.

  6. Real source | October 7, 2016 at 7:10 am |

    Hahahahahahaha all you can do is just laugh. Carmona has a history of both hero and villain. Carmona wanted to be appointed Sheriff and didn’t get it. There is your fallout with Nanos. I love how ADI only reports on the deputies that are against Nanos. Once again amature hour reporting. What day does Carmona have?????? He hasn’t been part of the department for years. All he talked about is what that little man syndrome carrying Kubitski tells him. It’s all rumors folks!!!!!!! The real truth once again is passes over. meanehile that snake in the grass Napier is waiting to strike. I’ve talked with several current and retired TPD officers who say Napier would be bad for the public and the department. Yesterday’s “press conference” looked like a bunch of cry babies. The reassignments that have happened in the department have been made on those who deserve it. Demotions have been made for those who failed to do their jobs. The so called good ol’ boy system has given deputies higher pay than TPD. More off duty options. Overtime options. Really Kubitsky is embarrassing the Pima County Sheriffs Department. Carmona didn’t win his political election because of why again???? Oh ya because he has temper tantrums. Don’t forget about that.

  7. Real source | October 7, 2016 at 7:15 am |

    Oh ya one more thing. Talk about bullies???? If one department member speaks in favor of Nanos then rumors start flying all over about that member in a negative light and suddenly becomes the outcast. No matter how good of a deputy that member is. Look at the crap you all talk about Tyke? He is as good a cop as they come. The association has only done what Kubitsky thinks is best for himself. And that’s the truth.

  8. Carmona having a press conference this close to election and the press giving it to him is absurd. If Napier or Staten do anything but give him honorable mention for this stunt. I will then know it is business as usual, Same way of doing business different names is all.

  9. Good Morning Pima County!!! Regardless of your feelings for Carmona, the commanders must be collectively hiding under their desks this a.m. Maybe Nanos has a desk big enuf to share…where they can have a pow wow on their next brilliant plan of attack. Let’s just hope the plan doesn’t include further retaliation against deputies who do not support Nanos. One would think that working in such an environment would make one wish for change. So I’m thinking that the big naysayers are those who have somehow benefitted by the cronyism and mismanagement under the current and possibly previous administration. God forbid you go to work and do the job you get paid for. A regime change might mean putting in your 40 hour work week, answering for incompetence or bad behavior and no longer enjoying hiding out in an assignment you probably shouldn’t be in.

  10. And “real source” can you please open a dictionary? Or at least proof read before you post?

  11. Law and Order From Law Enforcement | October 7, 2016 at 9:03 am |

    I would like to give a big shout out to Clarence Dupnick for continuing the old boy network and liberal cronyism in PC. Real source, what about secretaries making $80,000 a year. The Radtke restaurant with whose money funding it?

    Deputies if there is any retaliation please make it public. Some of us are waiting to defend you.

    • Yup and you can add the botched investigations into that mix also. Cronyism takes many forms and it is rife in Pima County, TUSD and the COT. The taxpayer doesn’t have a chance and I for one am tired of paying tax money for balloon spaceports and then driving on crap roads and lastly having to pay almost $50 a month more on my house payment because taxes went up. I don’t care if they were secondary property taxes, the stupidvisors still have to approve them. Thanks dumbasses.

  12. Everything is so bad now, I don’t think nano’s and Radtke he can recover from it. They both have miss-managed and violated the rules too much for the employees ever to respect them at this point. Radtke needs to step down and the people need to vote a new sheriff in to clean house. No confidence in any of them or respect for their retired croynies making their retirement check and a high salary. This is a rip off to the taxpayer

  13. Bill Holden | October 7, 2016 at 9:34 am |

    Plain and simple, Doc Carmona draws an audience and he has, to very real problem. As far as Manoleas, his problem arose when he did what he did as FOP prez not as an individual. He gave the impression his members were in support of Nanos. This command group is so used to being unchallenged and that is why Little Big Man is hiding from appearances where he might be confronted. He will lose his cool in no time and devolve into a red faced, finger poking mad man.

  14. Luvin' IT!! | October 7, 2016 at 10:40 am |

    I have known Dr. Carmona for over 25 years. He was offered the Sheriff position by Dupnik several times in the last few years, he turned it down. He was offered the position prior to Nanos being appointed, he turned it down. Truthfully, Nanos was the third pick because the first two turned it down. Hmmmm… third strike your out!!

  15. Richard Hernandez | October 7, 2016 at 10:44 am |

    I was present and applaud the brave men & women who work for you as public servants.

    Not only do they stand in harm’s way to protect your person and property but they have now tolerate attacts from own Sheriff and Command staff.

    Attacking Dr. Carmoma is just evil! He gets no pay and works for you for free. So again stop changing the topic of discussion my fellow residents.

    How many more sworm Law Enforcement Officers do you need to clearly point out there is a problem with appointment Sheriff Nanos. Stay away from attacking the messenger.

    Finally let me suggest you disbelievers go out get off behind talk to your favorite Deputy while not on DUTY and listen , learn and take action!

    As for the five Votes in my humble home they will all be to FIRE Nanos from his cronie appointment.

  16. Support our men and women in law-enforcement and help them make a change at the sheriffs department Get rid of Nana’s, Radtke, and all the other cronies, clean house please, It’s time to rebuild the Pima county sheriffs department after the tarnishment caused by Chris Radkey and Chris Nanas

  17. TruthMaster | October 7, 2016 at 8:36 pm |

    This is not about politics. This is an insider point of view on behalf of 80% of the men and women of the PCSD who are suffering from the wrath of a corrupt regime who wears sheep’s clothing in public and plays wolf behind closed doors. Carmona could have been Sheriff had he have chosen to. Clarence would have made that happen in a heartbeat. Truth is, Carmona makes 2 million a year and couldn’t afford the pay cut. He turned down the opportunity to be Sheriff but still fights for his brothers and sisters despite the false narrative portrayed by the Nanos clan. All lies. Napier is the only way out because the FBI isn’t going to arrest Nanos before the election is over.

  18. | October 7, 2016 at 9:47 pm | By: David Ahumada October 6, 2016

    “the Pima County Correction Officers Association, and the Tucson Police Officers Association described an oppressive work environment filled with distrust and cronyism.”
    Pima County Sheriffs DESERVE dignity, respect, and a workplace free of unlawful retaliation. Something is seriously wrong in Pima County when any person,
    Peace Officer or Citizen, has to fear an oppressive and retaliatory work environment. Our Sheriffs and Deputies have damn sure earned the right to be free of threats or unlawful retaliatory behavior. There are State and Federal laws to protect our citizens from a hostile work environment (for those wearing the uniform and civilian), and those laws must be upheld without delay and via injunctive order if necessary. Unlawful retaliation has NO place in the workplace. As Citizens and voters, it is our moral obligation and unwavering duty to insist on protecting those that protect us. I insist, and vote to protect.

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