Pima County Sheriff Chief Deputy Radtke Pleads Not Guilty In RICO Abuse Case

Pima County Sheriff Chief Deputy Chris Radtke entered a not guilty plea today in federal court. Radtke has been indicted for the misuse of RICO funds.

Standing next to his criminal defense attorney Sean Chapman, Radtke appeared nervous but confident. Some said he appeared almost defiant.

The judge advised Radtke that a plea deal can be entered by November 4, at 3:00 p.m., or if he does not take a plea, his trial is set for November 22, at 9:30 a.m.

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According to witnesses, Radtke arrived at the Pima County Sheriff’s Department on Thursday in his County-owned vehicle. He entered through the back door with his credentials. He was allowed to walk through the building freely to say his goodbyes to his former co-workers. Shocked Sheriff Department employees questioned how, given the fact that he has been charged with federal crimes, he was allowed to walk through a building that holds confidential and/or otherwise sensitive information, without an escort.

With Pima County deputies among the lowest paid in the state, Radtke first made news when Nanos manipulated the hiring system to secure Radtke a top position in the Department.

As the ADI reported in September 2015, Radtke advised the ADI in an email response on August 11, 2015: “Chief Chris Radtke current salary is $142,894.37. Effective Sept 6 promoted to Chief Deputy Salary of $164,840.00 (same as former Chief Deputy Nanos).”

Chief Deputy Brad Gagnepain, who took his life earlier this year under pressure from the FBI investigation, was the supervisor of Radtke’s son. The younger Radtke was given a job in the Sheriff’s Community Resources department, and out of the other departments under his father’s control in order to avoid charges of nepotism.

“At his rate of pay, the elder Radtke was earning nearly four times the median income of a new deputy, who responds by himself to completely unknown situations in the middle of the night when all the 9-1-1 operator can hear is screaming on her end,” said one long-time Sheriff’s Department employee today.

From: Christopher Radtke [mailto:Christopher.Radtke@sheriff.pima.gov]
Sent: Tuesday, August 11, 2015 6:31 AM
To: editor@arizonadailyindependent.com
Cc: Chris G. Nanos; Brad Gagnepain; Buddy Janes
Subject: FW: new re-organizational changes to the department

Sheriff Nanos asked that I send you the following information you requested:

Sheriff Nanos salary is set by Arizona statute at $100,824.00. Sheriff Nanos salary as Chief Deputy was $164,840.

Chief Chris Radtke current salary is $142,894.37. Effective Sept 6 promoted to Chief Deputy Salary of $164,840.00 (same as former Chief Deputy Nanos)

Assistant Corrections Director India’s current salary is $104,062.40. Effective Sept 6 promoted to Corrections Chief salary of $135,000

Senior Executive Advisor Mr. Bradley Gagnepain current salary is $104,998. Effective Sept 6 Mr. Gagnepain is taking on additional duties and responsibilities to include management/supervisory responsibilities for the same salary. NO SALARY INCREASE

Chiefs Karl Woolridge and Byron Gwaltney are being reassign with no salary increase. Current salaries are $142,896.00

To help put salary increases in perspective for promotions, I offer the following additional data:

Last four Sergeants, Lieutenant and Captains promoted and salaries before and after:

Lopez $62,677.47—$70,636.80
Seeley $62,677.47—$70,636.80
Payne $62,677.47—$70,636.80
Lappin $49,324.08—$70,636.80

Lowing $75,965.97—$103,022.40
Dominguez $72,394.82—$103,022.40
Spinney $75,965.97—$103,022.40
Copfer $73,128.64—$104,066.56

Janes $103,026.00—$121,492.80
Lopez $104,066.56—$121,492.80
Theel $110,312.38—$121,492.80
Johnson $110,325.28—$121,492.80

In addition, the vacated Assistant Corrections Director position will not be filled. There will be a promotional process for Corrections Captain to take on duties and responsibilities performed by the Asst Corrections Director. Filling the corrections captain position will be an anticipated cost savings of $20,000. Of course the successful candidate for the corrections captain promotion will receive a salary increase but unknown what that will be until the successful applicant is identified.

Thank you.
Chief Chris Radtke

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  1. Does anyone sleep better at night knowing Radtke finally got caught?
    I rest like a baby & have the greatest dreams, until Parish pops in and scares the bejeezus out of me.
    Parish, John Poser, Junior; You are brainwashed fools.

  2. So does POST decertify Radtke to make sure that he never holds another position in law enforcement now that he has violated the public trust. What is the process for this?

  3. Speaking of malfeasance within the PCSD, let’s discuss one of the greatest travesties there. Internal Affairs!! There is not a department in the agency that does not have a chain of command consisting of Deputy, Sgt, Lt, Capt, Bureau Chief, Sheriff. Except, wait for it, Internal Affairs. This is the same unit that predetermined the guilt of the deputy in my previous post. This unit has a chain if command consisting of Deputy, Lt, Bureau Chief. Few steps missing, huh? The Deputy in my previous post was predetermined to be guilty by that unit. The Lt in that unit is very close friends with the victim, also god daughter to Dupnik. No conflicts there, right? Present dat, that unit has had Lt Peru running it and he has been Radtke’s lap dog forever. Guess who he reported to? Gagnepain prior to his timely demise. Now he reports to Nanos. This gives the command staff a very selective tool in meting out punishment. At this point I thing the Mexican drug cartels learned their trade from this command staff. Law Enforcement should be an apolitical decision when it comes to elections, if the FBI doesn’t do its job, again, then you the voters need too!!!

  4. And let’s note the lack of investigation and or prosecution into an alleged victim perjuring herself on the stand in Superior Court. That would have gotten any other Deputy or officer in law enforcement fired and a loss of their certification. Instead after promoting this particular victim she gets sent to AZ post which is oversight to the behavior of officers throughout the state. This is shameful at best. And yet again cronyism and reward for bad behavior.

  5. Radtke’s career as a commander was based on how many deputies, corrections officers, and civilian employees he could hamstring. Nanos made a statement that “Radtke truly cares about the department.”
    It appears Radtke and some others only cared about the department’s RICO funds.

  6. If Radtke was truly driving a county vehicle after his resignation and still has any of his county taxpayer owned property, there should be a separate investigation open for miss use of county property and who ever allow that to occur which has to be the appointed sheriff. That is BS and taking full advantage of the taxpayer. What kind of arrogant person is the former chief deputy? Shame on him and the appointed sheriff for allowing this to occur. This speaks loads of how he will act if he becomes the elected Sheriff. Citizens, do not allow this to occur. Vote to clean up the sheriffs department

    • Arrogance wouldn’t even cover the tip of the iceberg with this guy, it’s on beyond. One could suppose he held off on that “resignation” strategically so that he could benefit monetarily, at the tax payer’s expense, as much as possible. His one last bilk hurrah. They (Radtke and Nanos) knew exactly what they were doing. This was a team effort FOR Radtke. With Janes/Feldt running around taking care of the personnel part and equipment. Cameron playing the role as his personal bodyguard/muscle throughout the building, but really it was for Radtke’s benefit not the taxpayers. Parish is his personal PIO screaming that he’s a hero and a great guy, and the silly FBI is just a puppet for the other candidate. Radtke was haughty not dejected by any means. No one else would have ever gotten this kind of treatment. EVER. The double standard and double speak are SOP. One can only hope as a convicted felon (even if he takes a plea deal he is still a felon) he will lose his retirement and actually have to work a real job. For someone like him, that is a prison all on it’s own.

  7. Hey Bill you forgot the sexual assault victim’s reward for perjuring herself on the stand during those two separate trials was a promotion to Lieutenant not termination and a comfy position at AZPOST…..

    • Let’s send the perjuring deputy to AZ Post to show AZ police agencies this is our best. Thats a load of crap as big as Terry Parish’s head.

  8. Just in case anyone out there feels anything towards this payload, know that he has forced many, many people into resigning in lieu of termination. It would always be couched in terms as to “save” the individual and the individuals family from embarrassment should the details ever emerge. Of course they would emerge if someone tried to get their deserved due process. The command staff would reach out to their press connections and give backround to cast shade on these people. The command staff had a very instrumental role in having a falsely accused deputy tried twice in Superior Court. Neither jury was remotely close in convicting him. The “aggrieved” party was rewarded with promotion due to very, very close ties to a recently retired commander. Every one of these indicted and soon to be indicted “commanders” are getting exactly what they deserve. Oh, let’s drop the former Chief Deputy crap. He’s Current Criminal Radtke…

  9. If you are innocent, why would you resign?
    He’s a POS. Sorry Parish and Janes, I know you looked up to this egotistic prick. Hope you didnt get caught up in his evil ways. Sounds like the law and even karma will catch up to you both. You can all hold Nanos hand when he goes down too.

    • Don’t waste your time or energy feeling sorry for Parish, Janes, Cameron, or Feldt. They are up to their ears in this. Parish is too stupid to realize when to just shut up and do his job. Parish’s behavior is blindly driven by hatred of the other candidate. Cameron is going to blow at any moment. Ah yes Karma…she’s a coming kids.

      • They were stupid enough to choose Satan’s path. No sympathy from me.
        I expect Cameron to blow anyday. He sold his soul to the department demons. Shame on him. They fired him wrongfully, and he came back kissing their regime butt.
        Ol’ bucket head. Nothing in there but hot gas.
        Karma, its a good thing.

  10. Why would you resign and then plead guilty? If charges are dropped can he qualify for a third retirement when the county hires him as Chief Financial Officer? Or better yet maitre’d of Radtkes in the Foothills when the county buys him Five Palms?

  11. Let me see if I got this right. The man resigned from the sheriffs department. The last time I looked that meant that you left your toys behind too, cleaned out your desk and locker and left the building. Now he is still driving a county car and using his ID card to enter the Federal Building where he has to appear in court for a felony charge. WTF????? Nanos should immediately resign over this. Cronism at its finest and the taxpayer is slapped in the face once again. Where is Huckelberry in all of this? Let me see if I got this right. A deputy was placed on leave for running against Nanos and a deputy charged with a felony and resigned still has the use of a county vehicle and ID card when he showed up for his arraignment? Again, WTF. If there were any justice in this world Huckelberry should suspend Nanos on the grounds he is too utterly stupid to be a sheriff.

  12. I know if it was anyone else at PCSO indicted and charged with felonies, they would of been stripped of their badge, ID, weapon, equipment (on hand) AND escorted like a little kid to Material Mgmt. to return their equipment. THEN, they would put a copy of your picture up at the front desk so personnel know not to let you in the building without an escort. WHY was Radtke treated differently?

  13. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
    His name is my name too
    Whenever we go out
    The people always shout
    John Jacob Jinglehieimer Schmidt
    Da da da da da da

  14. Is anyone surprised about use of a County car? If you operate a County car it is another felony, GTA or at very minimum joy riding.

    Walking in building I feel that is OK to a point. He was #2 man just less than a week ago. He is innocent til Court find him guilty. So out of the spirit of our system he clearly should have been escorted.

    What Barbara LaWall should be doing is filing criminal charges for stealing a car/ property of the people. Why is she FAILING to enforce the law? He is no longer a Deputy.

    I suggest this is affirmation that her office has permitted crimes by the few/politically correct/ good ole boys in Pima County. To whit let me suggest anyone of you go drive a County car (much less a police car with lights & siren ) without being a County employee. You will be arrested charged with a felony.

    There is a double standard for residents. If you appose the machine and do anything wrong you will be subject to harsh swift prosecution. If your part of the machine, nothing is done and it is covered up.

    Well keep pushing and shout it out to anyone / everyone. We take away there impunity once it is public. Examples are alleged suicide of former Deputy Gagapin. Add nephew of the other Commander. Sprinkle in assault on Srg. Kabinsky. Misuse of Rico funds. Stealing county car ete.ete. bet you all get the picture.

  15. Sheriff Nanos told us he resigned on Monday.

    Sheriff, because of all of this released info, the community is watching the departments moves. Do you think the FBI isn’t?

    A plea deal for Radtke will just open the rest of the involved to prosecution or at the least further investigation. If you have more info now is the time to come clean.

  16. If Radke has resigned, why is he still driving a County vehicle? The story refers to his entrance with “his credentials.” Which credentials would those be and isn`t one`s badge surrendered when one resigns? Will he be responsible for his own attorney fees?

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