If You Can’t Be With the One You Love….

This election season confronts some conservatives, independents, liberty-lovers and patriots with grave dilemmas whose solution, I submit, resides in the lyrics of the 1971 song by Stephen Stills.

There is exactly no one running for our highest office with whom they feel comfortable.

Hillary Clinton? Out of the question. Donald Trump? Not with a clear conscious.

But, wait. Let’s apply closer scrutiny to the Trump response.

The Republican torch-bearer has said and done things that disqualify him, they say.

Charles Krauthammer, the Fox News commentator, is a good example of this. He cannot vote for Clinton and will not vote for Trump. He will write in someone and let us know whom after the election.

Friends and family think the same way – and thank goodness for them. There is still moral fiber on the conservative side. I respect and understand their sentiments. It would be a disappointment if we were not having this debate on the Republican side.

Yes, there are many who still understand the difference between right and wrong, as well as the attributes of leadership. Fortunate we are to have true leaders like Lincoln and Washington over the course of history by whom we can measure others.

Yes, it is acknowledged by many Republicans that Trump has serious flaws, and therein lies the Clinton advantage. Why? Because, in case you haven’t noticed, on the Democrat side there is no similar discussion.

Clinton’s flaws and lifetime of corruption dwarf Trump’s. Yet, where is the discord or debate on the Democrat side?

This alone should tell us all we need to know about modern Democrats. The corruption is not merely about a candidate but permeates the entire party. This is a pathetic verdict on the party and a sad portent for America.

Yes, for the Democrats, the Machiavellian creed whereby ends justify means is the policy de jour.

Without a doubt, a Clinton Presidency will be the greater evil. Will anyone stand in President Clinton’s way of doing anything she wants?

The press won’t; they are accomplices. We already know the State Department and the FBI won’t. Congress won’t because it is more concerned with preserving its own power and will be afraid to kick back against a first woman president. The Supreme Court won’t, as the President will be appointing its new members. The entire establishment will not, as it will be eager to feed at her trough. The only hope will be the states — and the people. If there is a President Clinton, we need to be ready.

A Trump Presidency will bring about true transparency, the kind it serves up daily on candidate Trump. Suddenly, we will be cognizant of goings-on in real time. Whatever minor misstep by President Trump occurs, we will know instantly.

The political correctness we have witnessed for eight years with President Obama will vanish. If Trump deviates at all from his legal powers, you can bet that Congress will not hesitate to start impeachment. Even with Trump appointees on the Court, it will do little more than preserve the status quo of the last 15 years. The Establishment will fight tooth-and- nail to thwart his every move.

Why then would you choose Clinton in office with by a deliberate anti-Trump vote?

America has a long history of choosing to work with those whom we don’t feel 100% comfortable in order to defeat the greater evil. Think Russia against Germany in World War II; China against Japan in the same war; France against England in our Revolutionary War, and; a number of strange bedfellows as we fight ISIS today.

Let’s defeat the greater enemy of America (Clinton) first. At this point, Trump is the only person standing between her and the White House. Voting for Trump as the lesser of two evils is not in contravention to a principled vote that keeps Clinton out of office.

There is ample precedent for what we, as a nation, have done throughout history in defeating the greater danger first.

And, if Trump strays as President, we will have a much easier time reining him in than we ever could with Clinton.

Many gaping issues with both parties present themselves in 2016 but I am glad to at least be part of one that recognizes problems when it sees them and has the courage to openly discuss and debate them, even at the risk of implosion. Yes, there is still hope.
We ought take seriously the lyrics.

If you’re not with the one you love honey… love the one you’re with.


  1. Nice to have a good discussion on this. If you think the media gave Trump great Media in the beginning because they liked him then you are in the dream world. They did it to destroy the Republican Party and hoped he would be the one they (left) would face. They got what they wanted and now are predictably turning. The are just paying their own game. Yes, they will be on him if he is elected. If you think otherwise you haven’t been paying attention at all.

    • The Republican Party destroyed themselves. They allowed that carnival barker to become the nominee and they didn’t speak up against him until they saw that they were going to lose more than the Presidency. Too little too late.

  2. As Dr. Ben Carson so aptly stated, when one gets a paper cut, it hurts. When one gets both legs cut off, it hurts. We are voting Trump with enthusiasm and hope because the alternative will destroy this nation.

  3. The author is truly in his own dream world. During the primaries the media gave more of their time to Trump than any other candidate in history. He got free access that the other candidates did not and had to pay for their air time. Transparency under a Trump presidency will never happen; maybe if he ever releases his tax records. As for reigning him in; his own political team cannot reign him in – what makes people think that Congress can? Women who are voting for Hillary are not stupid; they just understand the stakes. I wanted Bernie; but to quote some more lyrics: You don’t always get what you want; you get what you need!

    • Right, nothing new in 30k newly declassified emails, no matter to even look into party to play access, nip need to really look into her foundation, no need to seek what really happened with the murder of a US Ambassador, then the disruption of campaigns by hired homeless protesters, but universal peace can all be restored if only Trump shows his tax records.
      Are you freshly back from Colorado or are you smoking local dope?
      Remember, a mind is a terrible thing to waste, so wise up.


      • Don’t smoke dope and my mind is not wasted. You guys need to wise up because Hillary is going to be President; I have accepted that fact and so must you.

  4. I am concerned about the validity of the ballot being accurate. Lets not forget it was Debra Wasserman Schultz FL Democratic Party Chairman that tried to overrule a District court Judge and have a state supreme court decide a election for the nation. I doubt seriously Arizona polls will be accurate at what percentage points I dont know.

    The scariest part is the possibility the republican retain majority in both houses. Find the Clintons guilty impeach. Then we have Kaine pick supreme court justices and he possibly could be in office for 11 years pick a majority on the bench scary huh.

  5. Neither is my choice it should have been Bernie.

    That being said I do not mind saying that never Trump. Funny thing is he could have won his worse enemy was? Himself.

    When money and power are involved no one can escape temptation. It the human condition. I Voted ( mailed in already ) for Hilary Clinton.

  6. The saddest part of all this is that once Hillary is in office she can pardon herself and then if the republicans hold the house and senate won’t even be able to impeach her for her corruption

    • can’t happen first has to be charges and the President can pardon judicial & Military court rulings not the legislative branch charges and impeachment the president does not rule over he legislative branch

    • My understanding is that she can not Pardon herself but can use the “Reprieve” part to postpone any punishment for her Treasonous, Traitorous, Criminal act’s.

      Look up the definition of Reprieve for yourself and let me know if I understand the word correctly.

  7. I believe that HITLERy, and the Media, believe that the majority of women are so stupid that they will automatically vote for the most Lying, CORRUPTED, EVIL person that has ever run for the presidency of our once great country just because she is a women.

    I have done my own POLLING, and 20 out of 20 women in my entire family are voting AGAINST the Wicked Which from the East and hope that Mr. Trump wins, and then will seek the same kind of JUSTICE against HITLERy, that our TYRANT’S would, and HAVE, done against “we the people”……..GO TRUMP, GO TRUM, GO TRUMP.

  8. The Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton UN directed open societies. This is nothing more than Western Europe pulling us into their economic veil of their colonialism. It seems that in the Origins of the United States a society brought by colonialism. Where in Western European countries unloaded their civil servant problems by giving them vast areas to industrialize and pay tribute to partake in the Western European Economies. With the Trans Siberian pipeline completes now carrying 1/3 of the world’s oil which by the way is out of the commodities markets. This Open borders thing is nothing more than attempting to establish trade routes for continuance of economic colonialism for Western Europe. WW1 was western Europe, WW2 was the problems of Western Europe extracting vengeance on Germany and when the rats came to feast they paid not attention to the rabid hungry dogs it created. Here we see our Raul Grijalva supporting Western Europe looking to have our presiding court on the Netherlands and a National Police force. Why are so many thinking their money performance vehicles are the future of the US Economy Government & Insurance,Investment Bank produce nothing they just extract and value or devalue depending on markets. Lets ask the Commander at DM if the Squadron that was slated to go to the Philippines have been deployed? Whats happening there with Duarte aligning with china taking billions in aid last week. Wait the news is Trumped groped a porno actress and the emails delivered by wikileaks were obtained illegally this is he news.

  9. I overheard some women talking while shopping, they are for Trump mainly due to clinton’s support of abortion, just an hour later,still shopping at another store, women in line right behind me bad talking clinton on Benghazi and abortion and calling her a killer. Who ever says women all in for Clinton hasn’t been shopping.

  10. yeah I’ll probably mark Trump, if for no other reason his abortion views – the nation is at its end – the race has been predetermined long ago.

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