Donald Trump Jr. Comes To The Aid Of Phoenix Driver

Donald Trump Jr. was in the Phoenix Valley today campaigning for his father when, according to Maricopa County Republican Chairman Tyler Bowyer, he “hopped” out of the vehicle he was riding in to give aid to a stranded motorist.

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Bri Cossavella, of Cronkite News reports that the “younger Trump spoke at Arizona State University in Tempe as the election races to a close, a move to reach out to the millennials both parties covet and who have proven in the past to be elusive voters.”

Trump Jr. said millennials will be living in the street if the country continues its course, underscoring a continuing theme of the elder Trump’s campaign that electing him as president is the only way to reverse directions to “make America great” again, according to Cossavella’s report.

Arizona Treasurer Jeff DeWit, who serves as the Trump campaign’s Chief Operating Officer stated, “This shows the true great character of the Trumps. They are a family that cares about people, cares about the well-being of strangers, and of our country. There are so many stories throughout the years of Mr. Trump helping others, Don Jr is another great man like his father.”

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