AZSOS Advises Mail Your Early Ballot Today

If you want your mail in ballot to arrive in time to be counted on November 8, mail them today.

As of October 31, approximately 44% of all expected ballots in Arizona have been cast based on historical turnout and current voter registration, according to the Secretary of State’s Office. A total of 1,112,153 ballots received; 39.8 percent were cast by republicans, 35.1 percent cast by democrats, 25.2 percent by “other.”

At least 25 million people have voted as of October 31.

Early Voting sites are open through Friday, November 4th.


  1. Heard about this email the other day:

    My name is Tom Reade and I’m the Get Out The Vote Director for the Arizona Democratic Party.

    Because Arizona is one of the most competitive states in the county, we have volunteers and organizers from all over flying in to help us get voters to the polls. Unfortunately, we don’t have places for all of them to stay just yet.

    It’s a good problem to have, and one I hope some of you will help us solve by signing up to host an out of state volunteer during the closing weeks of this campaign.

    Sign up here to host an out of state volunteer >>

    We’ll be keeping these folks very, very busy — so all they’re looking for is a place to sleep. If you can help us, it will make a huge difference in our ability to mobilize all this outside help coming in!

    Just go to to sign up to host an out of state volunteer.


    Tom Reade
    Get Out The Vote Director
    Arizona Democratic Party

  2. It’s always been worth it to me to walk a mile to my polling place on Election Day, and a mile back.

    Motive is not necessarily action – but UNIONIZED FEDERAL EMPLOYEES responsible for getting my ballot to the counters? No thank you.

    And as for the counters – we already know what this bunch of criminals in Pima County have pulled in the past.

  3. I mailed mine back in the day it arrived. I could have cared less over who won the next debate, or if new emails suddenly appeared on some pervs laptop, of if Hillary’s head suddenly spontaneously erupted in flames, my unwavering disdain for one candidate was not going to switch short of a devine voice from a burning bush instructing me to abandon all of my senses and vote for the most foul tempered, foul mouthed, pathetic excuse of humanity to ever come down the pike.
    I think you learn a lot about people by watching how they interact and engage with others, especially with those that are in any subservient relationship, such as a waiter or waitress. When a person belittles and berates those “beneath” them it paints a true reflection of who they really are.
    In Hillary’s case, the numerous and never ending tell all books from former secret service agents paint a very dim picture of Hillary. Her disrespectful caustically abrasive behavior and her acidic potty mouth show a person who is far removed from who I could in good conscience ever vote for as the leader of the free world.
    Hillary’s dark side is all to revealing to allow me to ever cast a vote in her favor.
    Trump’s no prince, but she’s certainly no prize…


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