Cyber-Monday Shopping Tips

Online shopping is easy and convenient. With Cyber-Monday, retailers are offering substantial deals online for Christmas and holiday gifts. Do not allow yourself to become a victim of theft or fraud from online transactions.

Here are a few simple ways to protect your hard-earned money, and your credit:

•Be vigilant with your bank accounts. Monitor them and be aware of money coming and going into, and out of your accounts.

•Keep your passwords strong.
•Use secure online payment sites.

•Do not connect to online store and websites through phishing emails. Instead, enter these sites through the internet on your own. Often times these phishing emails will send your personal information to places other then where you intended it to go.

•Do not save your credit card Information on any website for convenience.

•Be aware of package delivery dates. Do not allow packages to be left on your front door step for extended periods of time.

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