Electric Car Company Picks Casa Grande For Manufacturing Facility

Lucid Motors has selected Casa Grande for its electric car manufacturing operation. The facility will bring over 2,000 projected new jobs and more than $700 million in capital investment to the region by 2022.

“Lucid Motors’ selection of Casa Grande is the latest in a string of exciting economic development wins this year in Pinal County,” said Pinal County Board of Supervisors Chairman Todd House. “On behalf of the entire Board of Supervisors and Pinal County executive staff and employees, I am thrilled to welcome to Lucid Motors to Arizona. We look forward to continuing to work together to help create a prosperous future for both the company and our county.”

Following an extensive search across 13 states and 60 sites, Lucid Motors selected Arizona based on numerous positive factors including business climate, infrastructure, talent, geographic location, and the automotive supply chain in the Arizona-Sonora Megaregion.

“Lucid Motors’ announcement today is a testament to what can happen when entrepreneurs and elected officials come together to create new and exciting economic opportunities,” said Sonora Governor Claudia Pavlovich. “This major investment will generate a steady stream of career opportunities and capital for the Arizona-Sonora Megaregion—a perfect example of the relationship that Governor Ducey and I have envisioned for our two states. I want to thank everyone on our team who worked for months to make this vision a lasting and fruitful reality.”

Development of the site is slated to begin in the second quarter of 2017 as Lucid completes its site planning and permitting processes. Hiring is also expected to begin during 2017. The company will work closely with the state to prepare veterans for jobs and intends to hire a large contingent of veterans into its workforce. Cars are expected to be in production in the factory towards the end of 2018.

“Lucid Motors is building the luxury automobile of the future, and we have an opportunity to become the global leader in automotive technology,” said Peter Rawlinson, Lucid Motors’ Chief Technology Officer. “We are confident Arizona is the ideal location to advance our innovations and will continue to provide an excellent platform for our success.”

“Over the past five years, Casa Grande has worked diligently to attract companies that will serve as economic drivers for our entire region, and Lucid Motors is a huge win for us” said Casa Grande Mayor Bob Jackson. “This strategic investment by Lucid Motors continues to demonstrate the many attributes that define Casa Grande as a promising area for long-term growth and success in economic development.”


  1. This is definitely a great news that Lucid Motors has selected Casa Grande for its electric car manufacturing operation. This is the best way to promote the electric cars and make the concept popular among people. Electric cars are the new face of modern vehicles and it helps to provide several kinds modern and highly developed features and specifications.

  2. There was a discussion this AM on the radio and they were talking about ‘electric cars’ and the thought was that they will just be a fad! Too much $$ to be lost with them. No gas taxes to be gotten, no real aftermarket stuff to be had, going to be like the solar stuff. A few will take advantage but overall not much to offer for the rest of the folks.

    Guess maybe they can TAX based on miles driven like they do in the utopias of either oregon or washington, but to be equitable they will need to base it rather high I would think so it is comparable to what the average person pays in gasoline taxes and you know how that will go over. So a new tax base will be set for electric vehicles and road taxes will still be applied at the pump. Gee just think how the local gov’s will be so delighted to screw the greens at the same time claiming to be so earth friendly!!

  3. I just want them to be sure to use E Verify and make sure that these new jobs got too Citizens/Legal Alien’s, and NOT some Criminal, Illegal, Alien, Invader.

    President Elect Trump keeps talking about “draining the D.C. Swamp”. If he succeeds maybe he will let the people of Pima County borrow his pump to drain the our’s.

  4. Thank Mother Earth they didn’t pick Tucson. Think of all the additional traffic and the increased emissions of CO2, the desert that would have to be scraped, critical habitat lost forever, wildlife that would be displaced. The desert couldn’t survive it.

    Tucson is a much better place without these greedy profiteering corporations. Our liberal leaders have worked very hard over the last two decades making us 6th poorest in the country, we can’t give up now.

  5. Wonder where Sun Corridor was in this whole mess? Oh, that’s right, the cronies don’t want any competition for labor. Costs too much. SSDD in Pima County. Hope you love World View because they are the new “future” of Pima County business. You have to be so glad that you have Huckelberry and his four bobbleheads still in office.

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