Douglas Had Mandate To Eradicate Common Core

Dysart District We Are Listening meeting

I now have to acknowledge that it is crystal clear: Superintendent Douglas has not done all the AZ State Constitution empowers the state superintendent to do to actually represent the Arizonans who elected her with the Mandate to Eradicate the Common Core agenda! (It’s still not about “standards!”)

From the beginning of their time in the respective offices to which we elected them, Governor Ducey has cracked the whip and Superintendent Douglas dances at the end of puppet strings. Albeit, after stretching those strings just far enough to encourage We the Watchers that she was mounting meaningful resistance to their agenda.

The proof of the perpetual-touring “pudding” and two other crucial proofs spotlight common observations that Superintendent Douglas lacks “management skills.” Proofs 2 & 3: 2. Her initial capitulation to the governor’s usurpation of judicial authority in the fired-employee rodeo by agreeing to give-up constitutional power and authority she has no constitutional power to cede—HB2184—in 2015, and, 3: Her deal-making again in the waning hours of the 2016 legislative session just days before “Sine Die” (session closing), in which she effectively ceded—also unconstitutionally!—the same authority and power we prevented cession of in HB2184, in HB2620 as amended, with SB1416 incorporated within it, on Wednesday, May 4, 2016!

Only, she agreed to cede even more in the latter than she had in the former!

I, and others, continue to whistle in the wind as we continue to explain that a person holding a constitutional office cannot cede the constitutional power/authority of the office by agreeing to unconstitutional legislative actions!

Likewise, the legislators and governor cannot take that power/authority from the office by legislative action without a constitutional amendment! 

[See Hudson v. Kelly, Arizona, 1953.]

The history alone shows that Superintendent Douglas has failed in effectively executing the duties of the office she holds. Her AZ State Constitutional mandate is NOT continued implementation of federal programs that violate that State Constitution and the 9th and/or 10th Amendments to the Constitution for the United States of America!

Superintendent Douglas along with nearly every state legislator, had proposed legislation in her hands that would have resolved the employee controversy constitutionally in February, 2016, in the form of a citizen group’s Proposed Title 15 Legislation (full-disclosure: researched and written by the undersigned).

Superintendent Douglas chose not to embrace it because she didn’t want any legislation passed regarding the HB2184/SB1416 (HB2620) employee controversy in the 2016 session, good or bad! Her reason:

If it is bad, Governor Ducey will sign it. If it is good, he will not.

Either way, it would adversely affect the lawsuits in-litigation between the state board of education and Douglas.

I argued unsuccessfully that we needed to show who the governor is, by giving him the opportunity to do the right thing and sign a good bill, or veto a bad one!

So, we had to fight the Senate Republican leaders, the governor’s office and others who were again determined to usurp more of the superintendent’s power/authority, without any public support from Superintendent Douglas for viable, alternative—constitutional—legislation.

Although we did have some legislative support, our bill went nowhere, because Republican leadership and pressure from the governor’s office convinced legislators who had stalwartly resisted passing HB2184 in 2015, that stripping the superintendent’s power and authority legislatively was the only way to end the litigation between Superintendent Douglas (SPI) and the state board of education (SBE). Then-Senate President Andy Biggs wrongly assured his colleagues that they had the power to dictate the power and duties of the SPI & the SBE without regard for the constitutional nature of the entities!!! [See Hudson v. Kelly.]

After citizens urged defeat of SB1416, and certain valiant legislators successfully blocked the bill in the State House of Representatives, Superintendent Douglas “caved” in the end; agreeing to allow its language to be incorporated in HB2620, in trade for certain employees that were always AZ Dept. of Ed. employees anyway!

Representative Kelly Townsend made an impassioned argument in caucus for Fellow-Republican Representatives to reject Superintendent Douglas’ final capitulation prior to the house voting on the bill. . . . But, the AZ House passed the amended HB2620; 53 Voting “Yes” to 6 Voting “No” (Fernandez, Kern, Lawrence, Rivero, Townsend, Ugenti–Rita), with 1 Not Voting (Olson). Upon return to the AZ Senate it passed 30-0, meaning all GOP Senators Voted for It—Against the Will of the People who elected Superintendent Douglas and them!

Please note that there are thirty senators, and every one of them voted to unconstitutionally usurp the state superintendent’s constitutional power and authority! Republicans and Democrats alike: each and every one voted against us!

We are now seeing the fruit of the poisonous tree planted in January, 2015, when Governor Ducey usurped judicial authority, and Superintendent Douglas chose not to fight for the elective office to which We the People elected her in our names!

Governor Ducey has continued to usurp authority not vested in the office we also elected him to—in our names! He has proven without doubt that he has never intended to eradicate the evil that is the Common Core Agenda! His implementation of the Establishment Republican-dominated National Governor’s Association “Smoke and Mirrors” shell game of “Review and Replace” is intended to play games for however long We the People can be fooled by it.

And—he has succeeded in further entrenching Common Core; traumatizing, brainwashing and indoctrinating our children!

It’s not about “standards!” and parents know it!

Well, now we see the proof of that pudding: The re-branding of Common Core “standards,” in compliance with Governor Ducey’s mandate on March 23, 2015, by the SBE and the SPI through the so-called Standards Development Committee! Exactly the outcome some of us anticipated and warned-of immediately after Governor Ducey’s all-too-transparent speech to the Governor-Appointed State Board of Education! (Confirmed by the state senate.)

Meanwhile, FYI: Governor Ducey and Superintendent Douglas, both of whom “promised” to get rid of Common Core, have moved-along with extending the Common Core “Infants & Toddlers” program to PRE-KINDERGARTEN children under the guise of “Early Childhood Education,” through the AZ Dept. of Ed. In spite of the fact that when we detected two bills I dubbed, “Stealth Common Core” for pre-K children, we were able to defeat them in 2015 & 2016! They are just implementing it anyway through other means, sanctioned by federal programs!

The younger “they” can get to them, the easier it is to mold your children into the emotionally-damaged automatons they seek to create!

Governor Ducey also created an unconstitutional Office of Education in the governor’s office that is reportedly alive and well, feeding on its parasitic sustenance at the public trough!

The bottom line is:
Parents, do you hope to protect your children from the evil that men (& women!) do?

The truth is, America’s Children are being brainwashed and indoctrinated to serve a technocratic hierarchy that would enslave them in a collective hive! (To learn more, you can search, “Technocracy.”)

That, my Fellow-Arizonans, is evil!

It is time to recognize that Governor Ducey, Superintendent Douglas and the vast majority of our state legislators are entrenching Common Core, not eradicating it!

The 2017/2018 Election Cycle officially began on November 9, 2016:

Who will champion our children’s unalienable God-given right to protection against the EVILS of the Common Core Agenda?

Are there any brave souls in Arizona who will take-up the gauntlet and truly work to “Drain Arizona’s Common Core Swamp?”

As the Lord wills, I, for one, plan to don the armor again and joust for the right to start the sump pumps sucking-up the putrid waters, in the interest of all Arizona Children!

Who will join me?

For Liberty!
Itasca Small

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  1. The people must exercise their to be heardwill if and to do so only when elections are coming isn’t action and is what those in office depend on. I realized that the Gov. used his political clout to intimidate others to do his will, however if your concern is to serve and not just hold office threats mean nothing and time we the Voters realize we need fellow citizens bent on serving not on having careers. God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk / check the website posted for this article and others, and if you know anyone who’d care to post a blog that’s relevant to this or other issues facing AZ have them get in touch.

  2. The treachery continues. I thought I would have been more capable of giving in and acquiescing than elected SPI, Diane Douglas.My hopes began fading along with my fellow activists, very early. Good article, Itasca. Thank you.

  3. Many citizens are disgusted with Gov. Ducey. Good chance he won’t be voted back in. He promised he would remove Common Core, not just rename it. Looks like a “Scotti” maneuver.

  4. What troubles me is the lack of honor by those holding office for the Oath they all took and the way they chose to follow the Gov. like sheep to slaughter, only problem is the slaughter is being done to future generations, that may end up like the Entitled Generation we now see after the results of an election don’t go their way. God Bless You; Clair Van Steenwyk

    • That Clair is the exactly the point!
      Ducey said No and addressed the board to that effect. Douglas said NO. The voters of Az. said NO! In vote on the very issue, in the heat of the battle Douglas vs. BOE, the B of E itself said NO, 6-4. In a press op after that very meeting, Douglas declared this a great for Az’ parents and kids! Gregg Miller arrogantly snarked:”Don’ mean a thing”. Meanwhile Ducey while all this was going on, himself assembles a “think thank” and tasks them with shaping Az. education out of sight, out of mind although board members other than Douglas are welcome.

      So you Sir are spot on!

      It is time to reevaluate who the “enemy” is and just how we got here, because as you point out Trump’s election has brought some very well financed crazies. For us, to stretch a metaphor of being lost :”Toto, I have a feeling we aren’t in Indiana anymore.” We better damn well figure out where we are!

  5. Yes, marc j! But, first, I acknowledge that there certainly are teachers who have not drunk the Swamp Kool-Aid! Sadly, there are many more who drink deeply of the putrid swill.

    As you know, marc, the Common Core Swamp did not just appear out of nowhere in 2010! It has been forming since the founding of our Nation. The coordinated effort spearheaded by John Dewey, Col. Edward M. House (“collectivist guru” to Presidents Wilson and F. Roosevelt—who called him “The Seer of Beverly”) and their ilk in the early 20th Century has transformed our public education system into Indoctrination Central at every level!

    Yes, the culprits began their nefarious brainwashing/indoctrination program in the teachers’ colleges. By mid-century, the products of these colleges were ready to take the program to the K-12 public school systems of our states.

    One example of the young Certified Teachers in that collectivist progressive vanguard is Larry Wittig, a staunch progressive who taught at my alma mater (Paradise Valley High School) for decades from the mid-1950s. We are Facebook Friends and in a 2014 discussion there regarding the state superintendent candidates, he proudly declared, “I have been the liaison between AEA-R[etired] and Dr. Garcias campaign since its inception.” (David Garcia was the pro-Common Core Democratic candidate for state superintendent.) Once recruited and inculcated with the collectivist progressive propaganda, many young teachers are “True Believers” for life. But, again, not ALL!

    America’s public school system has slid downhill from that 1950s & ’60s invasion, until we have arrived at the culmination of the collectivist progressives’ evil plot: So-called behavioral scientists and “educators” have devised all of the elements of the Common Core agenda. The politicians, and “philanthropists” like Bill & Linda Gates and Betsy DeVos, are aiding and abetting its implementation as they help to entrench it in any way they can!

    CAVEAT: I acknowledge that there ARE charter school operators who resist the Common Core agenda, but they are the exception!

    That said, don’t be fooled by the Charter School & School Choice movement! These are just ways to extend tentacles into innocent-sounding venues, while the government maintains control over the underlying Common Core agenda they must follow at its “core.”

    If you can find a charter school charter, you will find that they include some reference to “college and career readiness” and/or STEM. These are Common Core buzzwords that have no place in true education! (If you find one that doesn’t, please let me know!)

    The ranks of Certified Teachers are indeed the vanguard inflicting the collectivist evil upon the lives of America’s children.

    No, it is not the “Standards” at the black heart of Common Core! But they are the most visible evidence at the tip of the Common Core iceberg!

    It is time for Arizonans (and all Americans) to wake from the Winter of our Hibernation and see the collectivist, progressive movement for the evil that it is!

    It is time to eradicate Common Core and drain the swamp! We must cleanse and purify the soil of the putrefaction, or we will never protect our children from this EVIL!

    “None dare call it treason.”

    I call Common Core “treason” committed against our children by every Arizonan and every American who works to perpetrate and entrench all that the promoters of the Common Core agenda stand for and intend. . . .

    If you want to be counted standing against the Common Core agenda, please attend the Standards Development Committee meeting at 9:30 AM, on December 14th, at the Dept. of Education building, 1535 W. Jefferson Street, Phoenix.

    “They” intend to “Rebrand Common Core”—again!

    And, State Superintendent Diane Douglas fully supports these “new” Lipstick on a PIG “standards!”

    Mark your calendar to attend and resist the evil on December 14th!

    AZ Kids need YOU!

    • Mommy Lobby AZ will hold a Common Core protest at 9:00AM, on December 14th, before the Arizona Standards Review Committee meeting, mentioned above.

      For information, text: 480-745-5289.

        The meeting begins at 9:00AM!
        Mommy Lobby AZ is NOT organizing what we would think of as Protest BEFORE the meeting!
        The goal is for all who can attend to show our opposition en masse AT the meeting!

  6. It is not the Standards that trouble me. It is the Certified Teachers (who have been taught the Truth in College) teaching our Children the their Leftist Truth.

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