Information Wanted On Puppy Buried Alive In Tucson

Sanctuary Project Facebook photo

The Sanctuary Project is asking for the public’s help in relation to a puppy that was buried alive in the area of Pantano and Escalante in Tucson. Tucson Police Department officers found the dog when they responded to a call about hearing whimpering.

The Sanctuary Project named the puppy Baby James.

According to the organization, they were contacted by a “wonderfully hearted employee of the Tucson Police Department asking for help.”

The dog’s “prognosis was grim as his body temp was below 80 and would not even register on their thermometers (a dogs normal ten is between 101-102.5). His mouth was filled with rocks and dirt.”

The veterinarian determined that the puppy had to be euthanized after he started showing neurological symptoms and had a seizure.

The organization is hoping someone will come forward with details on who did this heinous crime. If you know someone who did this, call 911 or 88 Crime. Your call can be anonymous.


    • An oxygen thief who needs to be dismissed permanently from our society did this. Animal cruelty such as this is indicative of a serial killer in the making.

  1. A public flogging is in order.
    How we treat the defenseless beneath us often tells a lot about who we are as a person and as a society as a whole…


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