No Surprises, Arizona Electors Choose Trump

On Monday, Arizona’s Presidential Electors cast the Electoral College votes for the Office of President and Vice President of the United States. The final vote resulted in 11 votes cast for Donald J. Trump for President and Michael R. Pence for Vice-President.

According to the provisions of law governing Presidential Elections, the ballots must be cast on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December following the Presidential Election.

Arizona’s 2016 Republican Presidential Electors were: Bruce Ash, Walter Begay, Jr., Sharon Giese, Robert Graham, Alberto Gutier, Jerry Hayden, Carole Joyce, Jane Pierpoint Lynch, J. Foster Morgan, James O’Connor and Edward Robson.

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  1. Make America Great Again.
    How could any true American be against that idea.
    It will take all of us to make this plan work.
    President Trump does not just wave a magic wand and it automatically happens.
    All Americans need to stand behind our elected President, give him all the support he needs and it will happen.
    America will be great again.

    Here is what we will be fighting:
    The liberal media and the, “Hollywood ACTORS?????”,as well as most Liberals will fight every thing he will try to accomplish. They are all smarter than the rest of us you know, they know what’s best for us.
    If Trump stood on a corner and giving away a solid gold coin to every American Citizen; the liberal media, our all knowing liberal actors???, will bitch that they didn’t get two.
    They would also complain that every illegal alien, radical Muslim, and any other degenerate they can think of should get one as well.
    If these socialist morons don’t get behind our, “ELECTED PRESIDENT”, to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN;
    they need to do exactly what they promised: MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY.
    Here is a novel idea. If liberal media continues to spew their negative garbage, lies, false news etc, cancel your subscription, change the channel and send them an e-mail that if they want your business, they will need to earn it back by reporting the news, not trying to invent it.
    If an Actor???, starts their crap, boycott the movie. Maybe that will get their attention.

    Making America Great Again, means all American Citizens, all American Businesses, will do better.
    That my friends also includes President Donald Trump.
    No, I do not expect him to divest himself of everything he owns to satisfy liberal idiots.
    Donald Trump worked his whole life building his business and has been very successful at it.
    DO I expect him to have someone else run it? Absolutely. Who, a family member is just fine with me. Do I expect his business to prosper while he is in office? Yes I do .
    Wake up America; liberal media, liberal Actors??? and all other degenerate non loving Americans will only support America if it’s on their terms and they are running a Socialist America.
    That my fellow Patriots is my, “NOT SO HUMBLE OPINION”.
    How’s that for political correctness?

  2. I’m so glad to be wrong about what I thought would happen – went out and celebrated last night. The nation could not stand another Clinton president. I’m not a Trumper but I’ll take the red ant hill over the black ant hill to sit on.

  3. The whining and sniveling DEMONcrats, who have been acting like terrorist’s, by screaming threats at the Collage Electors, and how the Electoral Collage was set up to keep someone from becoming president who was NOT FIT to be President, were right in what they were saying.

    AND IT WORKED PERFECTLY, just as the Founding Fathers wanted it too work.

    A Felonious, Lying, Corrupt, Treasonous, Traitorous, Wicked Which from the East, who acted like the Beast in the Bible, was kept from becoming either the 2nd or worst President our nation has EVER had.

    My thank’s and RESPECT to the Delegate’s that voted for President Elect Trump.

    To those that vote otherwise. You lost ALL of your Marbles, so pick up your empty bags, get ready for another defeat in the next Mid Terms if you don’t start thinking about “We the People”, and also knock off ALL of your Politically Correct Indoctrinating B.S.

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