So the Fake-Main-Stream-Media (FMSM) is still at it. The Russians are behind the hacking of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).  The Washington Post and NBC, both members of the FMSM and both certainly not bona fide intelligence agencies have confirmed it. The FMSM continues to ignore honest, fact based reporting in favor of dishonest fake news.

Speaking of intelligence agencies, not one intelligence agency has publicly confirmed the alleged hacking by the Russians. Where is John Brennan of the CIA?  Where is Dennis Clapper of national Intelligence? Where is Jim Comey of the FBI? All have been conspicuously absent and silent. Why? Because it is fake news and false narrative?

John Podesta, that paragon of dishonesty, came out on Sunday, December 18th, claiming that Vladimir Putin was “personally involved” in the election email kacks because Russia favored Trump as its “lap dog.” Podesta revealed that “NBC revealed that Putin was personally involved.” NBC, an original fake news source, is now an intelligence agency. Podesta is one kind of special stupid.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has repeatedly denied receiving any leaks from Russia or a Russian proxy. In fact, a former British ambassador claimed he received from a Democrat cutout the DNC and Podesta emails.

The progressive left’s repeated clamor placing the blame on the Russians and Donald Trump is completely bogus. It is a sordid attempt to damage the Trump presidency. This attempt demonstrates irrefutably the dishonesty of the left.

Where is the independent evidence of Russian hacking?  Why have the intelligence agencies not come forward publicly to provide evidence? Why are anonymous senior administration officials who are not part of the intelligence community leaking the whisper campaign? This is nothing but fake news and false narrative put out by the FMSM and leftist entities.

The Democratic Party and its leftist allies have been severely damaged by the voters. President Obama’s agenda and policies over the past eight years have been fully repudiated by the voters. Yet the Democratic Party and its leftist allies cannot accept reality.  They insist that the will of the people as reflected in the popular vote is being ignored. Yet they want to ignore the will of the people as reflected by the Electoral College and the U.S. Constitution.

The majority of the Democratic Party and its leftist allies like and George Soros are trying to undermine not only the presidency of Donald Trump but also the United States Constitution. Never before have Electors been assaulted and threatened by the political opposition.  This is the very definition of sedition. All those who assaulted and threatened Electors should be prosecuted.

Go on the web (not an ISP) and enter “Democrats threaten Electors.”  The leading headlines are “Post-Election Thuggery by Democrats Threatens Elector,” “Democrats threaten life of Trump Michigan elector,” and “Democrats threaten Republicans with violence.”  Enter “Republicans threaten Electors,” and you find no headline coming close to the Democrats’ headlines.

The criminality of the majority of the Democratic Party and its leftist allies reminds me of the criminality of Vladimir Lenin and his fellow communists and Adolf Hitler and his brown-shirts. The communists and brown-shirts were nothing less than organized criminal cartels, which is exactly the description of the Democratic Party and its leftist allies.

So this is the Democratic Party, its leftist allies and the FMSM: an organized criminal cartel that will break any law, violate any ethical value in order to accomplish its aim of eviscerating the Constitution and implementing, big government, totalitarian control.

The Democrats make no secret of their hatred of the First Amendment: they want anti-climate change dialogue forbidden and want religious liberty stricken. The Democrats make no secret of their hatred of the Second Amendment: they want weapons forbidden, just like Stalin and Hitler did in order to subjugate the population.

It is clear beyond a doubt that the Democratic Party, its leftist allies and the FMSM are a clear and present danger to the United States, the Constitution, and the American people.