Arizona Lawmaker Calls For Investigation of USFWS, Center For Biological Diversity

Jaguar photograph taken by Fort Huachuca trail camera

Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem was contacted this week regarding activity between the US Fish & Wildlife Service and the Center for Biological Diversity that many believe shows a level of collusion that has long been suspected but is seldom documented.

Finchem has written to the Republican Congressional Caucus to seek their assistance with an investigation into the actions of the USFWS, to help determine whether the agency has violated federal administrative law and procedure, and to understand if the agency has indeed colluded with the activist organization, Center for Biological Diversity (CBD).

Over the last several years Arizona has been visited by a jaguar, and that visit has driven the CBD into a questionable plan to save this creature, said Finchem in a press release, at considerable cost to the taxpayer through a federal government program. On December 6, 2016 a second male jaguar was spotted south of Tucson -conveniently caught on video- and reported to media and the US Fish & Wildlife Service, according to Finchem. “On December 19th I learned that the agency, which is already participating in a binational Jaguar Recovery Team for the jaguar identified prior to December 19, has already swung into action, completing a draft recovery plan for the jaguar.”

Finchem continued, “It is indeed peculiar that the plan was spoken of on December 19, but the non-government CBD had already issued a press release commenting on the latest draft, had already entered public comment, and had already distributed the plan with comments to its downstream information chain. Couple this with the new sighting and we have a two-point coincidence,” as Saturday Night Live comedians used to say, “How convenient!”

“When we add to the equation the reports from April 2009 to as late as September 2014, that researchers used scent to lure creatures into camera traps, there now is a three-point coincidence that screams for very close scrutiny. The sue & settle pattern of history – that costs taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars – between organizations like the Center of Biological Diversity, Wild Earth Guardians and federal organizations also has taxpayers paying for the legal costs of the organizations that bring suit against the People of the United States. We deserve to know the truth and if there is collusion to contrive a situation that justifies a plan to save a cat that is merely an occasional visitor to southern Arizona, but who’s home range is 130 miles away in northern Mexico,” concluded Finchem.

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