Arpaio Asks Ninth Circuit To Vacate Court’s Contempt Findings

Lawyers for Sheriff Joseph Arpaio, Chief Deputy Gerard Sheridan, and Lieutenant Joseph Sousa filed an Opening Brief yesterday in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in the Melendres v. Arpaio litigation. The Brief asks the Ninth Circuit to vacate the Court’s Contempt Findings of Fact and the Second Amended Second Supplemental Injunctive Order taking complete control over MCSO’s Internal Affairs policies, operations, and personnel.

The Brief also asks the Court of Appeals to remove District Court Judge G. Murray Snow and his Monitor from presiding over the case.

Specifically, the briefing on appeal contends that the Court’s Second Supplemental Injunctive Order constitutes a federal court improperly micromanaging the internal operations of a state agency. The briefing also contends that Judge Snow and his Monitor may not continue to preside over the case because they have engaged in improper private, off-the-record meetings and communications about the merits of the case.

Such ex parte communications between Judge Snow and his Monitor about the merits of the case were not only prohibited by the District Court’s original order appointing the Monitor, but also are violations of federal law, the Code of Conduct for United States Judges, and the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment.


  1. And yet richard you luvd dumbnik and thought he was the greatest since sliced bread. Only enforced laws he liked and he didn’t like any it seems. His gang trust now is out of office and the curtain is rising on how corrupt your hero was/is. At least arpaio was above board in following the laws. the judge and his crony not so much!

  2. Is there any wonder he is using tax payers to pay bill to the last day no minute in office.

    If he had to pay for his own legal team he would have done his 6 months and left Maricopa County long long time ago.

    I can’t believe a Court even the nineth circuit would allow a small time bigot to blackmail a member of the elite club of Federal Judges. That would allow a two time criminal ( Joe Arapio ) to ignore Court orders.

    The ONLY sad miscarriage of justice is he should have been eligible for years and years incarcerated.

    • Welcome back Richard, I wish I could say I’ve missed your insightful spew, but of course that would be a outlandish lie.
      How anyone with an IQ in double digits could in any way support the Choco Jesus and yet find fault in others is nothing short of a self proclamation of ignorance and stupidity and the denial of realiity.


  3. It would be a great service to our once great country if President Trump could replace most of the Federal demoncratic judges with Moderate Republican judges. Especially on the 9th circuit court.

    Profiling a persons “Gender, Race, Height, Hair Color, Eye Color, Tattoos, Scars, Cloths, Name, are ALL ways needed in capturing the criminals.

    Demoncratic judges are notorious for favoring the Criminal, Illegal, Alien, Invaders, over the safety and security of Citizens and Legal Aliens and a DANGER to our Right’s and Liberties.

    Remember Kate Steinley.

  4. Howard, that is ‘hilarious’! I’ve visited a bar where a midget in a green suit n top hat runs up and down the bar with green tequila pouring shots down the throats of those in the bar seats looking up and opening their mouths! I’m not sure what that has to do with anything.. but you have to watch out for your encounters with little people regardless of their position.. or height – I’m sure Joe understands that quite well

    • I was rolling on the floor with laughter when he told it because he had to take the bozoto the ER twice for assaulting him and another deputy who retaliated and had two counts of assaulting an officer as well as robbing the store doing a beer run as well as taking 20 bucks from the register. The guy steals a case of Mickey Big mouths and immediately stopped outsized and guzzled one down and while doing that the clerk locked the door and called the cops. He tried to get back in and threatened the clerk who said she had called the cops and he takes off with the box on his head. Lol

  5. All I can say is Good Luck Joe. You’re asking something of the most liberal and most overturned Appeals court in the country.

    I have a brother in law who was a LT in the Sheriff’s dept in Nevada and on his last day on the job was on his way home after clearing out his desk and received a call of a robbery by a midget and to be on the lookout for a midget with a box on his head. The guy runs right past him when he received the call. 2 years after the guys arrest he finally makes it to court and asks the Judge to drop the charges because he was profiled— for having a box on his head as that was the description and the judge granted it
    Ca”t profile people Joe

  6. This whole case has been nothing but a miscarriage of “Just-us” from the very beginning.
    The willful, intenentional and deliberate misuse of power by the court as directed by the politically misguided and agenda driven national powers to be to interfere with sheriff Joe again demonstrates that what is legal isn’t always the same as what is right.
    Had the Obama machine carried out its duties and seriously addressed criminal aliens this would be a mute issue, but since the liberal left refuses to comprehend the harsh realities of the real world and doesn’t see this threat to the nation, it’s security and its legal citizens, this problem was simply ignored and pawned off to the States who were left to pay for it.
    The efforts of sheriff Joe did little to stem the tidal wave of criminal aliens illegally crossing into and remaining within the US and proved to be more symbolic then effective given the sheer numbers involved.
    If the bible were to written today David and Goliath would be replaced by sheriff Joe and Obama.
    Sadly the outgoing sloth will pardon real criminals who have been convicted and are deemed to be thteats to sociality, but will instead sit on his hands as a local sherriff is put through the courts for simply doing his job and enforcing the law.
    It’s truly laughable that the federal government is demanding via court action exclusive jurisdiction over criminal aliens while in turn failing to make any effort to enforce its own existing laws and yet sadly attacks a local sheriff for doing their job.
    Only in the Obamanation could this ever even make it to court.
    I truly hope that Trump pardons sheriff Joe on day 1 and ends this mess once and for all.


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