Kavanagh Bill Would Make It Tougher For Public To Learn The Truth

Arizona State Senator John Kavanagh is up to his old tricks again and the legislative session hasn’t even begun. Kavanagh, whose disregard for the public and free press is a thing of legend, is proposing a bill to make it even harder to get public records.

Kavanagh’s SB1019 would allow public officials to refuse providing access to public records if the request for access to public records is “unduly burdensome or harassing.”

Given the fact that well-paid and under worked legislative staff has complained bitterly about fulfilling even the smallest requests, it is no surprise that Kavanagh has dusted off this bill and offered it again.

Given the fact that over the past few years it has become increasingly difficult to obtain public records in a timely manner, if at all, Kavanagh’s bill would ensure that the public will be denied vital information to which they are entitled.

The bill would likely increase the cost of doing business by forcing news sites to sue for access denied due to a claim that a request is “unduly burdensome or harassing.”

Government staffers complain about gathering documents rather than learn about the technology they generally have at their disposal to make the process as painless as possible.

Because of Kavanagh’s penchant for protecting crony practices and propping up corrupt politicians while attacking civil liberties, he is considered one of the worst legislators in Arizona by politicos on both sides of the aisle.

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