A TUSD Fairy Tale: Sunday’s Comic

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A Look Back: TUSD Use Of Prop 301 Monies

This year, as so many others has been a turbulent one for the Tucson Unified School District. Perhaps nothing has caused as much controversy as the issue of the amount and use of Proposition 301 monies.

The release by TUSD’s administration last week of financial statements prepared by the Certified Public Accounting firm of Heinfeld, Meech for the year ended June 30, 2016 raised more questions. Most significantly, according to retired TUSD teacher Lillian Fox, is the practice of the Sanchez administrative team practice of borrowing funds from the 301 Fund. Heinfeld, Meech’s report shows in 2015-16, TUSD “borrowed” $6 million in 301 money to cover shortfalls in other funds. There’s no explanation for why TUSD has to keep borrowing the teachers’ money to cover problems in other funds.

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