Stop O’Connor! Sunday’s Comic

The GOP establishment is lining up against Jim O’Connor — that means he must be good…..

From MCRC Briefs….

MCRC Chairman Tyler Bowyer: Many have seen in recent weeks a few endorsements from Public Office Holders of Candidates for those who wish to serve in County and State Party positions. I want to make a statement and say this is absolutely wrong. One of the primary reasons that the Republican Party exists is to hold Elected Officials accountable. Having our Party Officeholders beholden to Elected Officials through endorsements and donations is precisely what’s wrong with the GOP today. It should raise many red flags of Party Candidates who seek these endorsements as it is akin to the adage of the “Fox in the Henhouse.” This is terrible judgment both on the part of the candidate and the elected official. As PCs, we should encourage those seeking leadership positions in the GOP to stop putting themselves in positions of weakness by groveling for endorsements at the feet of political consultants and those who have been elected to serve us and our Party’s interests.

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Arizona’s Republicans Leaders Continue Waging War On Grassroots

At a time when we should all be rejoicing in the fact that Trump has delivered a substantial blow to corrupt and unscrupulous establishment members of both parties, we are saddened by the underhanded actions of some Arizona Republican Party officials. Two of those officials, party chairman Robert Graham and legislative district 15 representative Heather Carter, have recently drawn attention because of their actions.

In the case of Robert Graham, it is no secret that he vehemently opposes grass roots candidate for state chairman Jim O’Connor. Even though Graham is not running for reelection as chairman, he has handpicked an opponent to Jim O’Connor. There is nothing wrong with having philosophically different points of view and debating them freely in the arena of public opinion, but Graham has gone way beyond that into the realm of attempted bullying and intimidation.

In a recent letter to O’Connor, Graham has made unsubstantiated claims of state committeemen election irregularities and has written, in part, “In the interest of fairness, accountability and having a legitimate and sound outcome for members of the state committee, I am asking your district to call a new election for the purpose of nominating state committeemen.” Graham concludes his letter by stating, “In the absence of conducting a legitimate election, the state party will consider these state committeeman positions vacant and will fill them according to state law.” The full text of Graham’s letter can be read here.

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  1. O’Connor’s “handpicked opponent” campaigning as ‘grassroots’??-
    that is like Al Gore saying he invented the Tea Party.

  2. A vote for Jim O’Connor will recognize and support the integrity and hard work of honest Elected and Appointed Republican Precinct Committeemen.

  3. I believe that Robert Graham is wrong and I completely support Jim O’Connor. I consider Jim to have the highest level of ethics based on four or five years of working closely with him.

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