Arizona’s 53rd Legislative Session Begins, Rocky Start For Some

Arizona’s 53rd Legislative Session begins today. While some freshman lawmakers are already making big plans, at least one, Rep. Daniel Hernandez, is off to a less than auspicious start.

In his latest piece on Hernandez, Guess who’s lying to us again, Dan Shearer of the Green Valley News discusses the fact that the new lawmaker has been dodging him. It was Shearer, who exposed Hernandez’s lies about having a college degree, during the 2016 General Election.

Apparently Shearer now has questions about whether or not Hernandez ever got a degree. ‘Despite two public statements that he’d get it taken care of by August, Daniel Hernandez hasn’t,” wrote Shearer referring to the degree.
“I messaged him through his Legislature website; I emailed him at his work, legislative and Sunnyside email addresses; I sent him messages via two Facebook pages (both active); I texted him; and I called him on his personal cell (three times) and at his House office (three times). I spoke to two legislative assistants, one who took my name and said he’d get it to Hernandez within an hour,” reported Shearer.

“If Daniel Hernandez stuck to his word and finished his degree by August, he’s had plenty of opportunity to share the news,” argued Shearer. “But it appears Daniel Hernandez has lied to us again.”

Shearer says that Hernandez’s dodge is “a big indicator of how responsive he’s likely to be when the legislative session begins Monday.”

Given his dodge of Shearer, and public complaints about committee assignments, which generated considerable animosity, Hernandez’s communication skills, or lack thereof, could guarantee that the ambitious lawmaker is off to a very rocky start.

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  1. And how did he get elected in the first place. Oh, right stupid voters that connected him with St. Gabby Giffords and did no further research on the idiot. This man perfectly fits the liberal mold. Lie and keep lying. Who cares if its the truth. its the liberal way.

  2. The Oracle of Tucson | January 9, 2017 at 8:38 am |

    Hernandez is a symptom of the plague that infects southern Arizona. The plague has many roots but the majority of fault can be traced back to two. While Pima county has a concentration of die-hard liberal democrats, the plague extends its far reaching tentacles into most of Southern Arizona.
    Hernandez, a Hispanic, openly gay, under educated pathological liar, who’s only claim to fame is his involvement at Rep. Giffords shooting who has pawned himself as a voice of common ground and reason, something he is not. While trying not to diminish his above par pressure bandage holding skills, Hernandez is far from a needed fresh face in Southern Arizona politics. His self serving interest are not those that he claimed to hold while running for office.
    Hernandez exemplifies what is wrong with Southern Arizona politics, his last name sounds Hisapnic, so he gets a free pass by the Hispanic population, he is also a member of the democratic party so he incurs yet another free pass, by blinded party faithful. It is this arena of full throttle anti white, anti Republican discrimination that has fostered the utter failure of Southern Arizona politics for generations, past, present and future.
    It’s amazing that based on factors above, a persons chances at public office are either blessed or cursed.
    As we approach the remebrance of Dr. Martin Luther Kings birthday, let us remember his wishes in his own words, where he wanted his children to “one day live to live in a nation where they will not be judge by the color of their skin but by the content of their charter”. Funny how these words are most lost on liberals, and especially on liberals of color.
    Hernandez has lied about his education, he’s lied about his willingness to represent his district. His election was based on his lies and was his reward for being an unvetted, unknown liberal Hispanic democrat in Southern Arizona.
    This plague of party discrimination has infected our local school boards, our city halls, our country board of supervisors, our members in both local and national house of represtatives.
    Makes only really want to place that ” Proud Southern Arizona Democrat” bumper sticker on your car. I attritbute that sticker on par with flying the stars and bars in your front yard. Racism isn’t limited to white males in the deep south, it’s alive in well right here in Southern Arizona.
    Lets stop reaching for excusses and start reaching for the stars, lets vote for the best person for the job, withiout concern for race, color, ethnic background or gender or sexual orintation. We deserve better, our kids deseve better.


  3. John Paul Parks | January 9, 2017 at 5:05 pm |

    Note to Editor: You are aware that the Legislature has not met in the building that is pictured since about 1960? That building is the Historic Capitol building, and it is now a museum. The Legislature has two separate buildings, one on either side of the building pictured, in which to meet.

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