AZGOP At Risk Of Financial Instability

By Robert Lettieri

As a career financial executive and CFO for the last 23 years I have been responsible for providing shareholders, investors and regulatory agencies with information that demonstrated accountability at the highest level. “Hypothetically,” if you were a shareholder in a company that in six years lost 61% of its customer base I think you would be concerned.

In addition, if the same company six years ago generated 14.7% of its revenue from major customers and this fiscal cycle generated 76.4% of its revenue from major customers that should be cause for concern.  Your concern would be that a loss of any one major customer could lead to financial instability of the company. Additionally over the most current reporting cycle the total receipts of this company were 30% less than its closest competitor.

Fellow Republicans, what I have described in the paragraph above is exactly what’s happening to the AZGOP.

In the election cycle of 2012 the AZGOP received 1,539 Itemized Individual contributions from 1,055 contributors.

In the election cycle of 2016 the AZGOP received 597 itemized individual contributions from 378 contributors. A decrease of 64% in contributors.

In the election cycle of 2012 the AZGOP received 14.8% of Itemized Individual contributions from major contributors.

In the election cycle of 2016 the AZGOP received 76.4% of Itemized Individual contributions from major contributors. This represents an increase of 62% in Itemized Individual contributions from major contributors. Are we becoming the party of the chosen few?  Having taken a company public, I know from experience that the SEC considers revenue concentration a red flag and so should we fellow Republicans.

In the election cycle of 2016, the AZGOP received $1,133,729 of itemized individual contributions from 378 contributors with the Republicans representing 34.6% of registered voters. By contrast in the election cycle of 2016 the AZ Democratic Party received $1,233,239 of Itemized Individual contributions from 1,830 contributors with 30.4% of registered voters being Democrats. Doesn’t this mean that the Democrats are getting more participation and broadening their base of active supporters while our AZGOP are content to rely on fewer and fewer while allowing the AZGOP to rely on larger but fewer Republicans that are contributing there financial resources?

In the election cycle of 2016 the AZ Democratic Party received 30% or $2,265,751 more in Total receipts (from all sources which includes Itemized Individual contributions) than the AZGOP. I have a plan to reverse these negative trends.

The information I am presenting is available to anyone by going to the website and selecting Details for Committees. If you chose to visit the website and review Arizona Republican Party 2016 Election Cycle reporting,  please note that the Treasurer reporting the information is Jonathan Lines who is currently a candidate for AZGOP Chairman.

Robert (Bob) Lettieri is a candidate for AZGOP Treasurer.


  1. The Republican Party is the party of the few and the very wealthy. They are not inclusive and it is almost beneath them to take a dollar from regular people because regular people can’t help them bribe politicians. They may have won this round, but they will never have the hearts and mind from the other people in this country and eventually will lose their hold which only happens through gerrymandering and restricting voter rights.

    • Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla from a like long kool aid drinker. Thanks for your insightful regurgitation of party talking points.
      Since you claimed repeatedly, “mark my words Hillary will be the next President”…
      So I guess your Scarlet letter should be “L” as in loser, lier, liberal.
      I’m sure in your narrow minded small little world your relevant, but in the public forum arena your comments are just a sad example of why kool-aid should be outlawed. Jim Jones misguided it and so has your party of none.
      Cry all you want, your team lost. In sports your a sore looser, in politics your a democrat, in reality your a left wing loser….


      • I was voting for Bernie and like I said, you are so inclusive to the point that most people would rather do anything else than try to see your point of view. Your point of view as in Republican’s, hurts other people and does not look out after the young or the elderly and heaven forbid that somebody gets sick. I may be a loser in your eyes, but quite frankly you don’t matter in my life and your opinion doesn’t mean anything to me except that I have to defend myself against your falsehoods.

  2. Again, where is leadership by Gov Ducey the office holder at the top of the Party in AZ? :Probably nurturing donors who will support HIM as he prepares to run for President in 4 or 8 years. As the ultimate insider, he is the antithesis to Trump, which explains why he did not support Triump in the primary and probably prayed for Trump`s defeat on Nov. 8th. Unfortunately for AZ, Ducey will need to be dragged kicking and screaming into the fight to make America great again.

  3. I dont give to these guys as they DO NOT represent any republicans other than the entrenched ones like mclaqme, mcflake etc. They provide little if any incentive to give as they are non-existent here in soaz. So yes they probably are falling into debt and instability and until they can represent the R’s in ALL of Arizona they will stay mired in the muck as they are now.

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