Fire In Tucson Hotel Room Started By Candle

A sprinkler head kept a fire at bay in a Tucson hotel room in the 700 block of West Starr Pass, helping contain the fire to a single room. A call was made to 9-1-1 reporting a fire in a room of the hotel and firefighters arrived to find smoke coming from the lobby area of the hotel.

Additional firefighters immediately began evacuating people from the area while the initial crew made their way through the lobby area searching for the room on fire. The room on fire was the room attached to the office area through a hallway. A sprinkler head had activated and was keeping the fire from spreading as firefighters entered the bedroom and found fire in the corner of the room.

They extinguished the fire and immediately called for the sprinkler system to be shut down, reducing water damage.

The ladder crew immediately began using squeegee’s to remove excess water in the unit. Nine units consisting of 23 firefighters responded to the scene and controlled the fire 9 minutes after arriving. There were no injuries reported by firefighters. No one was in the room when the fire started though the room was used by hotel personnel.

Fire investigators were on scene and determined the cause to be a prayer candle that had been in the corner. The fire damage was contained to the single unit and Code Enforcement was working with the hotel to determine of any other rooms would be affected.

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