PCSO Rescues 60 year Old Hiker With DPS Copter Help

On February 16, 2017 at approx 12:30 p.m. Pinal County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a hiker requesting help after a 60-year-old hiker in their group had slipped and sustained an injury to her ankle. The injured hiker was halfway down on the Siphon Draw trail from the Flat iron summit. She was unable to continue down the steep, rocky, canyon trail.

DPS helicopter “Ranger 52” was requested to assist with the rescue. A Pinal County Search and Rescue deputy rappelled down to the injured hiker from the helicopter.

The hiker was then splinted and prepared for extraction. Ranger 52 then returned with a long line secured under the helicopter. The woman was picked up and flown to awaiting rescue personnel by way of a short-haul extraction. The injured hiker declined transport in an ambulance opting to have a loved one drive her to the hospital.