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NAU profs label Trump a ‘neo-fascist,’ ‘rapist in chief’

The Northern Arizona University Political Science department recently hosted a “Specter of Fascism” event at which professors repeatedly compared Donald Trump to Hitler and the Nazis.

The head of NAU’s Politics and International Affairs Department warned that the “Trump regime” relies on a “cocktail of fear, racist hate as an influence of normalization, [and] delegitimizing the press.”

Later, a criminal justice professor allegedly called out a conservative student by name, telling the audience that she is a paid representative for TPUSA while blaming her for the group’s “Professor Watchlist” website.

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  1. At the UA in the late 60’s it was much the same environment, but without all the ‘news’ coverage. Conserative instructors/professors were confronted by people like a john heard and the rest of the activists of the day.

    I had one who if you disagreed with the stance of the ‘news’ makers of the day would give you D’s, agree you got the better grades. So nothing really has changed over the years, just they are more open about it and have the favorable ‘news’ to back them up. UA is probably still the same.

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