An Open Letter To Senator John McCain

Dear Senator McCain:

Thank you for finally revealing your true colors. You are a progressive disguised as a Republican. Your defense of the news media was a complete sham.

You have been inside the Washington, D.C., bubble for so long you didn’t notice that American lost its free press years ago. On Meet the Press, you stated that in order to “preserve democracy” we must have a free press. But journalism in the United States dies years ago. All we have now are propagandists and stenographers who parrot left wing dogma, and use the exact same language to attack Republicans.

You also stated that without a free press you were “afraid we would lose so much of our individual liberties over time.” We have been losing our individual liberties for quite some time. Where have you been? President Obama’s administration produced 28,239 new regulations covering 201,046 pages in the Federal Register. Regulations are a proxy for socialism and fascism, both big government totalitarian philosophies.

The closest America has come to a totalitarian dictatorship is Barack Obama and one party rule which produced an economic stimulus that failed to stimulate the economy, rescuing auto makers by stealing the companies from the true owners and giving it to the unions, sweeping financial regulations which made it harder for banks to operation, and, of course Obamacare, which essentially destroyed the job market.

In December 2008, the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed labor force non-participation at 80,380,000 people. November 2016 showed the non-participation rate at 95,055,000 people. Nearly 15,000,000 people lost their jobs under Obamacare.

You stated that the first thing dictators’ do is shut down a free press. When you no longer have a free press, when you have a news media reporting bogus stories, slanting stories in favor of a particular political philosophy, it is so much easier for a new president, especially one never vetted, to act like a dictator.

You tried to walk back your accusation, stating, “I’m not saying that President Trump is trying to be a dictator.” But that is exactly what you said. Donald Trump has been in office one month and the only thing he is doing is fulfilling his promises he made to the American people. Barack Obama dictatorial style has left America with more debt than all his predecessors combined.

Barack Obama’s dictatorial style left America with a middle east more inflamed than ever before, a Russia more emboldened that ever before, and a China more belligerent than ever before. And all you can do smear our President?

Then you have the temerity to go to Munich and attack our President in a foreign land. You talk of universal values; Donald Trump speaks to American values. You speak of hardening of attitudes towards Muslims; Donald Trump speaks of improving national security for all Americans from radical Islamists, not Muslims in general.

You stated that the founders of the Munich conference “would be alarmed that more and more of our fellow citizens seem to be flirting with authoritarianism and romanticsizing (sic) it as our moral imperative.” Your speaking of western nations having the power to maintain our world order smacks of international socialism or globalism.

This is exactly in keeping with your progressive philosophy. I want a strong America. I want a freer America. I approve of dismantling Obamacare and turning back socialistic regulations. You obviously believe in more regulation.

Your values are not my values, and my values are American values. So, where does that put you? Once upon a time you were a hero. Today, you are just one more dishonest politician corrupted by a career inside the Washington, D.C. bubble.

You abandoned Donald Trump during the presidential campaign. Today, I abandon you.

Your progressive philosophy does not represent any American values.

How sad.