Tucson Man Jailed For Felony Animal Abuse, Hit Dogs With Shovel

On December 20, 2016, the Tucson Police Department responded to a report of animal abuse in the 2500 block of East Cameron Vista. The caller told police they had witnessed a male subject in the neighborhood hitting his dogs multiple times with a shovel. The witness stated that the dogs were yelping and that one of the dogs appeared to be limping.

When officers responded to the residence, they located an adult male standing in the yard with a shovel in his hand. He was identified as 28-year-old Noe Morales. He told officers he was filling holes with the shovel, but denied hitting his dogs. Officers asked to see the dogs and noticed one of them had a severe limp.

Detectives with the Tucson Police Department and an investigator with Pima Animal Care Center – Pacc responded to the residence to continue the investigation. After examining Morales’ three dogs, PACC took control of the animals and cited Morales for multiple violations (Neglect-no shelter, Neglect-no water, No License and No Rabies Vaccination).

“Tyler”, the dog with the limp (pictured), was immediately taken for further medical evaluation. It was determined that Tyler had a chronic fracture to one of his hind legs. Although he received medical treatment, doctors eventually had to amputate the leg due to the severity of the injury.

On February 24, 2017, Tucson Police Officers located Noe Morales at a residence in the 4500 block of S. Mission. Morales was taken into custody and booked into the Pima County Jail on a felony charge of Animal Abuse.


  1. Actually, the judge as part of his sentencing should require this idiot to down to the police academy and act as the target for the K-9 officers training. Minus the protective wrap mind you….
    How we treat those beneath us tells a lot about us as human beings. How we treat the defenseless is equally revealing. I hope this douche bag never has children…


  2. Bill gets to use language like this, and I am “monitored/censored” from commenting for far less politically incorrect language. What is with this B.S. Editor?

    • Welcome back John. Haven’t seen you around since the anointed princess lost the election with great humiliation.


  3. Nice mug shot, he should be forced to walk a line of 12 dog owners with shovels and baseball bats to see if he could make it to the other side, and then tar and feather this sick bastard

    • I’m with you Pookie2, I have a nice little shovel that I could swing like a bat! I have two dogs that I would defend from any a hole who threatened them! I hate animal abuse whether it’s dogs, horses or cats, it just makes me so mad. They better give him a stiff sentence!

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