Friese Stuns Lawmakers With Sanchez Introduction On House Floor

On Wednesday, Rep. Randall Friese stunned fellow southern Arizona lawmakers when he introduced the former superintendent of the Tucson Unified School District, H.T. Sanchez, on the floor of the House. It wasn’t that Friese introduced the former superintendent, it was how he introduced the former superintendent that shocked House members.

Few, if any, southern Arizona lawmakers were unaware that just the day before, the embattled Sanchez had tendered his resignation to the Tucson Unified School District Governing Board. Sanchez resigned rather than being fired.

Yet, Friese introduced Sanchez as the “recently retired superintendent of the Tucson Unified School District.” Friese then went on to claim that Sanchez had brought the District to “almost be able to get partial unitary status.” Remarkably, Sanchez nodded as if the statement were true as Friese spoke.

In fact, according to documents recently obtained by the ADI, under Sanchez’s leadership the District had refused to comply with court orders and work collaboratively with the desegregation plaintiff representatives and the Special Master assigned to the case by the federal court . As a result, the Special Master has billed the District over $300,000 in the last 18 months as part of his effort to help the District achieve unitary status.

Two days after the TUSD Governing Board first considered terminating Sanchez’s employment, Friese wrote a letter on his behalf.

Rep. Friese did not respond to the ADI’s request for an explanation of his comments.

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On Thursday, TUSD Kids First, a group of parents and business owners, issued a statement praising the Board’s decision to terminate Sanchez’s employment. In a statement posted on Facebook, the group said the Board’s decision “provided hope that TUSD will turn around and become an A rated school district rather than an arm of a political dynasty.” The message reads:

During the last year we have repeatedly heard how everything was getting better at TUSD and the embedded Establishment said to judge HT Sanchez on TUSD’s performance. On Wednesday the State of Arizona Auditor General released the performance report for Arizona school districts. So let’s judge HT Sanchez on performance:

The Establishment told us that enrollment was up and everything was getting better. They misled us. The Auditor General and TUSD’s own numbers show a LOSS OF AN ADDITIONAL 300+ STUDENTS. TUSD continues to bleed students and teachers. The turnover rate for teachers is over 40% higher than peer school districts.

The Establishment told us that classroom spending was above 50%. They misled us. The Auditor General states that TUSD SPENDS ONLY 48.8% OF FUNDS IN THE CLASSROOM. The last time TUSD was above 50% was in 2012, prior to the Sanchez administration.

The Establishment told us that administration costs were down. They misled us. The Auditor General stated that ADMINISTRATION COSTS PER STUDENT GREW TO $914 PER STUDENT or approximately $41M. This is $11M more than peer school districts.

So in hindsight it does seem the current Board majority was indeed judging HT Sanchez by his performance and maybe HT was running for the doors before the real performance data came out, before the truth of the 301 funds came out, before the facts told a different story.

But it is Morning Again at TUSD. It is time for the TUSD Governing Board to hire a proper steward for TUSD that will focus 100% on increasing classroom spending for the kids and for the teachers. It is time to make TUSD a performing school district again and focus on the classroom, not politics. We applaud TUSD on its first steps but they need to follow those with aggressive cultural change and laser focus on the classroom.

Simply ask, do these actions help the kids and the teachers? Tuesday’s action did.

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  1. Yep, redefining the past, a tactic that continues even with the facts easily acquired.

  2. Man I need a vomit bag, how about they take the people that were assaulted on TUSD property and never reported or a few of the ripped off teachers and failing kids to show while these morons blow each other, to give a dose of reality outside these idiots 3rd universe.

    Absolutely disgusting how they turn failure into praise

  3. It ought to be clear that Friese is much more interested in currying favor with the Grijalva gang than in the future of TUSD. I hope the voters in his districts are looking carefully and see that their interests in securing a quality education for their kids comes in second when Friese has an opportunity to curry favor with the Grijalvas.

  4. The district should have filed a complaint with the Attorney General siting all of the gifts (raises and unauthorized) HT has given and had him put in jail for stealing from children.

    It would have served the education industrial complex well to see some justice for the youth not to mention the taxpayers.

  5. Stealing from children? That criminal outfit stole from US, the taxpayers. This is a Rico operation.

  6. It’s for the children.

  7. Let me see if I got this right. One more politician lied about what Sanchez did to TUSD, its teachers and the taxpayer. Friese didn’t have a clue and was only doing the bidding of the mafia to make Sanchez look good. You think he even wrote the letter or was it written for him. The same as the C of C and other “leadership” organizations in this area. Guess they support liars, cheats and idiots. Noting has changed in southern Arizona. The arm pit of Arizona with the cronies and dumbass politicians to prove it. BTW, add idiot voters to the list too. Pathetic.

  8. Ron Thompson | March 4, 2017 at 2:57 pm |

    Methinks I smell a rat. Anything doing with currying favor with the Grijalva (co-chairman for the Congressional Socialists and with ties to the Communist Party) Gang, needs to be flushed down the toilet asap! Those pro La Raza retards are not for Arizona, they are for Mexico and the power that they would have if successful in their objectives. Freiese needs to be tarred and feathered then run out of town.

  9. David Thompson | March 6, 2017 at 5:03 am |

    Dr Freeze needs to stick to Medicine as a bag man for Grijalva he looks like a poorly trained stooge.

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