Ajo Border Patrol Agents Arrest 2 Sex Offenders

Zeferino Galindo-Lopes | Francisco Bravo-Ruelas

TUCSON, Ariz. – Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents from the Ajo Station arrested two male Mexican nationals during separate weekend incidents who had been convicted in California for sex crimes involving minors.

Agents arrested 32-year-old Zeferino Galindo-Lopes near Arivaca on Friday evening for being illegally present in the United States. During processing, agents conducted a records search and found he was convicted in 2015 for sexual molestation of a child.

Agents also arrested Francisco Bravo-Ruelas, 38, near Ajo on Saturday for being illegally present in the United States. A records search revealed he was convicted for having sex with a minor.

Both subjects are being prosecuted for illegal re-entry into the United States.


3 Comments on "Ajo Border Patrol Agents Arrest 2 Sex Offenders"

  1. Please follow this story. Why was this scum ever let go the first time they ever touched a child?? How many times have they been let go and came back to the U.S.?? Our candy assed laws that are support protecting our children have failed them. I can only pray that real justice is done in prison….If they aren’t let go again! This should never happen to our children.

  2. Two pieces of human garbage that shouldn’t have
    seen freedom for the rest of their pathetic lives. I wonder how many other innocents have been victimized by this scum. Deliver these animals to the offices of sanctuary city mayors. Idiot Progressives and their catch-and-release foolishness.

  3. “Mexico isn’t sending up their best.” — Donald J. Trump
    Mexico has good people; these two pieces of human debris aren’t
    among that group. Yet these pieces of human waste continue to
    go back and forth across our border and people continue to defend them
    and make excuses for them.

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