Oro Valley Runs Like A (Knockoff) Rolex

By Mike Zinkin

We heard time and time again how Troon was “the Rolex” of management companies. After reading the following bulleted list, you might think that Oro Valley bought a knock-off Rolex as the January financials for the El Con Community Center and Golf Courses continue to be disastrous and reveal continued fiscal irresponsibility from the mayor and council. In fact, last year Troon offered to rebate to the Town 3 months of the management contract revenues ($36,000) if the Town would not hold them responsible for their ridiculous forecasts. The Town took them up on their offer. Would the genuine article ask for a “mulligan” in offer not to be terminated?

• Troon losses for January were forecasted to be $34,161 but turned out to be $198,253. As usual Troon missed their forecast, this time by $164,092.

• In January 2016, Troon lost $62,709. That means that the losses this January were $135,544 more than last year.

• The member dues in January 2016 were $77,475. In January 2017 the dues totaled only $59,719. That’s $17,756 less than last year.

• When the fiscal year started on July 1, 2016, Troon forecasted total losses for FY 16/17 to be $1,534,505. They have now increased the forecasted losses to be $2,035,867.

• The food and beverage portion, primarily the Overlook, was forecasted to make $10,230 in January, but actually lost $13,385, bringing the total losses to $96,034 so far in this fiscal year.

• The Community and Recreation fund finished January 2017 at $514,403 in the red. This takes into account the sales tax revenue total of $1,255,074 (from the first seven months of the fiscal year – July 2016 through January 2017).

The total number of rounds by outside play (non-member) was forecasted to be 2,410. The actual number of rounds was 2226. This is an average of 72 rounds a day. Both Del Urich, Randolph (Tucson City courses), Crooked Tree (Pima County Course), and The Haven (Green Valley) averaged over 200 rounds a day.

Is fiscal responsibility above their pay grade?

Mayor Hiremath and Council members Hornat, Snider, and Waters are the ones who voted for this albatross. Newly-elected Council members Pina, Rodman, and Solomon have not stepped up to even question this irresponsible drain of the People’s monies.

The Town Finance Director earns $149,848.82 a year. The Interim Town Manager earns $189,371.84 a year. Individuals deemed worthy of earning such high salaries should be expected to combat waste and inefficiency in the budget yet they have not stepped forward to advise the mayor and council that continuing this financial drain is not wise. Are they afraid that advising against this debacle would put their jobs in jeopardy? Certainly our “award winning” financial staff can see that the business model for the Oro Valley Community Center and Golf Courses is not sustainable.

Odds and Ends

Revenue from the increased sales tax is performing well; in fact, it is above the Town’s projections. However, it doesn’t come close to covering the expenses. Imagine the lighted ball fields that could have been built with that $1.2 million. Additionally, the Town has no plans to make the Community Center ADA compliant as promised and as mandated by law. I wonder how that sits with the Justice Department.

Town using HURF Funds for Community Center Maintenance

In addition, although we were told that all Community Center and Golf Course maintenance would be paid by the Community and Recreation Center Fund (CRC Fund) the Town has admitted to me via emails that they have utilized HURF monies (Highway User Revenue Fund) to cut the grass at the Community Center entrance and to resurface the cart paths. This is in defiance of State Law which states that no HURF monies shall be used for anything “other than highway and street purposes.” Why are they using HURF funds, you ask? Because the CRC Fund is broke.

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  1. Oro Valley took a gamble on the purchase of the golf course and related property. In a gamble, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, that’s why it’s called a gamble. Land valued at 33 million purchased for a mere 1 million, who wouldn’t take a chance on that. At least Oro Valley is trying, maybe that’s why it is one of the most popular cities to move to and raise a family. The town is clean, well maintained and patrolled by one of the finest police departments west of the Mississippi River. A police department that you Mr. Zinkin were always critical of. Mr. Zinkin, if you look around Arizona and most of the country you will see that no town or city is thriving, as the news wants us to believe. Unemployment numbers are doctored and the economy teeters on the brink of collapse. If you want a good example, take a ride out I-10 east toward Benson and observe the hundreds of Union Pacific engines lines up on the tracks standing idle. That is not normal. Now that the voters have spoken and removed you from office your only recourse is to belittle the electorates and point out their shortcomings. Well Mr. Zinkin, you were no peach, you walked around the town puffing out your chest and dispensing a lot of hot air, you winked at the ladies who worked for the town and earned yourself a reputation of a cad. How many council members were banned from certain sections of town hall because of their conduct? Just you Mr. Zinkin.
    You sir are nothing but a petty little man who should just go away.

  2. billybob1023 | March 17, 2017 at 7:25 am |

    Sorry Old Guy, projections of continued losses year after year if the land stayed a golf course were known WAY before the vote. You are right, the value of the land is worth a lot more than the cost, but that is meaningless if the land is used for the same purpose that was LOSING money when it was bought. They should immediately change the use laws around it, and then begin the process of turning the clubhouse area into restaurants and shops that will generate revenue and be good for the public, the paved entrances and infrastructure are already there. Then work on the golf course becoming more homes, parks, etc. Buying a sink hole and keeping it a sink hole does nothing for this great town of ours.

  3. The “Main Street” project that is currently being touted might be the natural answer to this sink-hole. As noted by Billybob, quite a bit of the prep is already in place; what is required is brains. From where I sit, brains are in short supply in Oro Valley, but what do I know – I only pay taxes there.

  4. Mike, you were voted out of office. The people have spoken! Time for you to go away! Go back up into another car. Bye!

  5. SeenEnough | March 17, 2017 at 8:55 pm |

    Also sorry, Old Guy, but you’re obviously a fanboy of the machine that created the developer-beholden town council that we now have.

    Yes, our illustrious Town Council – more accurately, the Majority 4 of our town council – took a gamble on the purchase of a golf course. In your mind, the gamble was OK because “who wouldn’t take a chance on buying a valued-at-$33M purchase for only $1M?” Worth $33M to whom? If it was my money, I wouldn’t have made this purchase given the conditions/requirements.
    The council was provided with plenty of evidence that golf is waning in popularity and has been for some time. Yet, the M4 pushed the purchase through. Why?
    In comparison, and in your mind, a roulette bet would have been acceptable because “sometimes you need to take a gamble”.
    If this deal was truly worth $33M, why was the town of Oro Valley the only buyer in line to purchase?
    If this deal was worth even $3M, there would have been a line of buyers around the block.

    Zinkin, Garner, and Burns raised many red flags on this purchase, and all you can see is that “Oro Valley is trying”.
    I expect more from my town council members. I expect due diligence. And if they’re going to gamble with my tax dollars, I’d prefer it not be a Vegas bet.

    On to your issues with Zinkin:
    1) Yes, we have a great police department. But there is no police department in any city that is beyond oversight. Zinkin wasn’t critical of the PD until it became clear that the Majority 4 deemed the PD beyond reproach, without shortcomings, and warranted not even a cursory review of their finances. In the interest of spending wisely for the town, Zinkin merely suggested that there might be ways to save money within the PD. People like you get wide-eyed whenever anyone questions our fine, upstanding PD and immediately accuse Zinkin of not being in favor of safety.
    OV is the Disneyland of Arizona. Is the reason for that because 2-3 cars shows up for any trouble call? Might we be just as safe if 1-2 cars showed up instead?
    2) “Puffing your chest and dispensing a lot of hot air”? Has he been accurate? The numbers don’t lie.
    3) “The reputation of a cad” for “winking at the ladies”. Seriously, “winking at the ladies”??? Oh, horrors!

    You’re drinking the koolaid. Step back from this and look at it for what it is: A debacle that needs to be unwound and jettisoned.
    Or, we could give it another 2-3 years and see if golf comes back.
    If it were your money, Old Guy, I might be willing to take that risk. But if it were my money – and wait, it IS my money – I’d certainly be a little more critical with how it was spent.

  6. The Oracle of Tucson | March 17, 2017 at 10:24 pm |

    I remember the olden days when Oro Valley was just nationally known as a speed trap.


  7. The Oracle of Tucson | March 17, 2017 at 10:26 pm |

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”
    Am I on some John Dough list where everything I write no matter how tame and mundane needs to await constant review?


  8. The Oracle of Tucson | March 17, 2017 at 10:26 pm |

    Guess so:The Oracle of Tucson | March 17, 2017 at 10:26 pm | Reply
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”
    Am I on some John Dough list where everything I write no matter how tame and mundane needs to await constant review?


  9. Oracle – I’m getting the same treatment from ADI also – this just began a month or so ago. what’s up with them? ADI used to be the “go-to” site for me, and never a font of fake news. Has that changed?

    Explain yourselves, ADI.

  10. This isn’t the same OVPD who hires sexual deviants that love to masturbate while on duty, spineless officers who turn away when Lou Waters assaults an elderly man and state “I can’t arrest my own boss” and let’s not forget the double dipping Chief Sharp who has setup all this revenue generation Police State that allows the skinhead Badged Nazi youth to racially profile the darkies because they don’t belong in Orofice Valley. Gimme a break, the OVPD is corrupt and enriching themselves under the color of law. The finest my arse. OV is a sham and a Police State all thank she to the goons who control it.

  11. One more thing, they break the same traffic laws your or I aren’t worthy enough to violate and try to intimidate drivers with their childish HIVE patrols. It’s never about public safety, it’s all about piggish greed that buys all those fancy new toys they will use against you.
    Remember, these goons are their as the praetorian guard for Lowermath and his band of merry crooks.
    Oreo Vally can go to hell.

  12. Desert Rose | March 19, 2017 at 4:31 pm |

    Mr. Zinkin is right. The sad thing is that insanity rules in Oro Valley now, and all those who care about the budget were voted out. You tried Mr. Zinkin. All I can say is we are happy that we moved out of Oro Valley, and am sad nothing has changed. Maybe some jail time is in order for those in charge.

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